Lucky Strike

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Australian pop star Troye Sivan has released a video for his bouncy, summertime ready single “Lucky Strike.” The clip finds Troye chasing love during a fun day at the beach, complete with a cast of friends and an actual human heart floating around.


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    1. yes, in this case I think it is meant to be obvious to achieve that slightly echo-like sound (Cher did that a lot in her songs some years ago). Not my favourite effect as I think it makes it hard to hear what he is actually saying. But its nice to see a mainstream pop song with a gay central theme for a change.

  1. To bad about the tobacco but that is a part of some people’s real life. I can’t understand the lyrics so I don’t know if that is addressed in the song. If not, then I see it as unfortunate as Troye is a role model or influences for many people and he should be cognizant of that. Troye, you listen up now. I know you come through these parts.

  2. He’s the most beautiful and magnetic man in pop music, and I made it all the way through to 3:06 minutes of the miserable song before I gave up hope.

  3. I love this boi dearly but Horsy has more stamina than me, I can’t pouch this auto-tuned puddle of arse water but then I am not in his target audience.

  4. He has the cutest mouse brown hair that perfectly fits the rest of his coloring. Hopefully he will stop bleating his hair. Love most of his music.

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