Lucky Blue

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Olle, an introverted, well-mannered boy with an air of innocence and sincerity about him has been camping with his father at the same camping ground with several other people for years now. A sort of tradition that ends in a karaoke party.

Then one summer, a family friend brings her reticent ‘city boy’ nephew, Kevin, and his pet budgerigar. Olle accidentally releases the bird and what follows is a discovery of friendship and love between the guy who has grown up in a loving environment and simply accepts love for what it is and the guy who’s apparently been burned too many times in his own circle to feel comfortable with it.

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  1. Watched before, and watched again with pleasure, they should probably have turned it into a full featured movie.
    But the only lucky blue for me is Nightcrawler, AKA Kodi Smit-McPhee, here’s a couple bad shots of him in the latest “X-Men: Apocalypse” movie:
    At one stage he saves his “colleague” mutants by having them grasping his tail. And when you know that the French for “tail”, “queue”, is also slang for dick…

    The movie also features Nicholas Hoult, the guy of which the gay character of Skins, Maxxie, said: “We’ve finally found something you’re not good at.” (Who remembers what that “thing” was?).

    There’s Tye Sherindan too, which makes you realize that Marvel Comics has it all wrong, because his super-power obviously lies in his lips, not his eyes. Evan Peters also shines in this movie, Lucas Till was toasted a bit too early, Ben Hardy is rather hot in his wingsuit. Amazing how many hot guys you can fit in a 2+ hour long movie…

    1. I absolutely loved Nick Hoult when he was little, and in his Skins days too. I remember that scene fondly. I remember there used to be enormous posters around London of Hoult shirtless… :))

      1. Shirtless? Are there times when he wears shirts?

        I only watched About A Boy from his younger days, he already had the same amazing eyes. And imagine sharing the lead role with Hugh Grant! But Skins was something else, a superb show with great music and a bunch of hot teens. I never understood the reason for the American remake. Very few of them are as good or better than the originals, like Queer As Folks and The Office.

        Nick’s more recent movies were so-so, and we don’t see much of his face in Mad Max: Fury Road, less than in X-Men, make-up movies are the new costume movies. It’s funny, he already played with Kodi in Young Ones (great movie for Kodi) and Tye in Dark Places. I enjoyed Warm Bodies, where he plays a pet zombie cuter than Billy Connolly in Fido (another great fun movie). Definitely an actor to keep watching.

  2. I would have never named this short “Lucky Blue” since “lucky blue” flew away and therefore isn’t so “lucky” [well, maybe flying away made the bird more lucky] after all. A much better name for this is “Total Confusion.”

    And why the piss-poor quality of this video? Or, if there is a much better quality version, why didn’t you present it to us?

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