Love, Simon

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This is a big deal. Next March, 20th Century Fox will release a big screen, John Hughes-esque romantic flick about teenager in love. The twist? He’s gay.

Love, Simon, based on Becky Albertalli’s 2015 YA novel Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda and directed by Greg Berlanti (RiverdaleThe Flash), follows Simon (Jurassic World‘s Nick Robinson), a teenager who starts an email romance with another closeted classmate (the title is a play on how he ends his correspondences).

From the same studio and producers of The Fault in Our StarsSimonhas all the markings of a classic, mainstream teen coming-of-age flick: football games, drunken parties, school carnivals. But the romantic leads are two guys. It’s sweet, sad and, ultimately, ground-breaking especially because it looks kinda generic.

The fact that queer stories get the big studio treatment is probably a good sign for the normalisation of same sex love on the big screen even if it means that the film itself might be a bit boring if you’re not into the classic Hollywood teen romance flicks.

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  1. Nooooo! They’re normalizing gay now? How will we be different anymore?
    Oh well, I guess it’s good as a “think about the gay kids” role model…

    I am not really into “classic Hollywood teen romance flicks” but if you want to watch a great horror movie for the holiday season, also with a twist, actually, several twists (but don’t expect me to spoil it for you), I strongly recommend Aussie “Better Watch Out” (yes, from the Christmas song, AKA “Safe Neighborhood”) with 12 year old (in the movie) Levi Miller and his babysitter crush. Levi was also the lead Peter Pan in 2015 Pan (yes, him, not Hugh Jackman! ;) and Charlie Bucktin in Jasper Jones this year. He is 15 now.

    The movie just got released on the “scene” sites this week, that’s how pirate me was able to find out about it, arrrr! Nothing gay in it, maybe just the second sentence into the movie: “You buttfucker! “

  2. This guy is so hot and approachable looking. Although he doesn’t look 17 to me, he has the Keanu Reeves youthful face that makes the age discrepancy acceptable. Can’t wait to see it. It will make a nice companion piece to “Call Me By Your Name.”

  3. what a disappointment. this movie will have nothing to do with that great book it’s ‘based’ on.

  4. Teen? Surely you’re not talking about that 22 year old man? Josh must have been looking to much at 35 year old unaccompanied child refugees from Afghanistan.

  5. I liked Nick Robinson in Jurassic World — I think he was actually 16 in that movie. He did a very credible job of being a typical older brother for “Grey” [the equally cute Ty Simpkins].

    This movie could be very good. But if they REALLY WANT to show gay characters and be “ground-breaking,” they need to find some really good 11-13 year old actors (real, preferably already gay) to PLAY 11-13 year old gay actors.

    Let’s get real: We need to start “shoving” young gays “down the throats” of the lunatic evangelical (“born-again”) chrissssttttiiiiaaans that there are MILLIONS of gays those ages and they don’t just “instantly become gay” at age 18+.

    Romance can easily start at those young ages, even if it’s just a “crush.” Since we have same-sex marriage in many countries, we need to start showing young gay romances, crushes and their trials and tribulations at those ages just like the lunatic religious demand of the arts today to further THEIR AGENDAS.

    1. Talking of lunatics.
      POTUS has been a bit loopy this Wednesday and Thursday.
      Certainly not going to be anyone’s flavour of the month any time soon here in the UK after lauding our own UK Neo Nazis yesterday.

      Someone should cut this guy’s Twitter fingers off.

      Anyway, he’s all yours America.

      Good luck. :)

  6. 😒20 somethings aren’t teens and its downright sad that Hollywood keeps pushing that tripe on us; bad enough we’re still seeing it on network.
    ~There’s more than enough teens out there that not only have the looks but the acting chops to pull off such roles quite believably; ever seen “Stranger Things”?!

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