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  1. May I ask a favor? When posting a video, please also post the LINK to your source (particularly in YouTube). Thanks. (That way I can at least download it, watch it, then if I choose, save or delete it.)

    1. Also because sometimes your embedded video disappears. With a LINK, we can see the source.

  2. Finally found it on YouTube. I remember this imagery from before. The “love child” is cute. I don’t remember if joshua posted it as a music video before or just a short video.

    Music — not much better than fair. Could barely understand the lyrics, but I’d guess the final message is very good.

    Video — except for the very last (bicycles), it wasn’t imaginative at all and very poor quality (I d/l the HQ version).

    I think joshua has shown much better imagery of trans* teens before.

    1. Sorry that I don’t prescribe to the “josh is showing this so it must be great” mentality and immediate full acceptance. Real criticism just helps to foster better music and videos.

    2. Nah, the music video was posted before. I remembered the ending with the band appearing. The resolution was definitely a hindrance. Having more trans/gender non-conformity content on here (with this and Benny’s video, along with the Leelah Alcorn post) is great to see. I always thought that Milkboys stayed rather firmly in the place of “cute white gay guys”, but going beyond that does make me happier with the site than I was. I certainly liked the feel of the song, and the image of a “love child” in pink and a tiara trying to be accepted – and accepted without a thought – is an insatiable image with a good message.

      1. I used to be a sales/service call-center worker-bee for one of the largest banks in the United States, and one of my buddies actually took a call one day from an elderly man in the north-eastern part of the country that was named “Jack Kanoff”. The old fart had a good bit of money with the bank and was an excellent customer.

        So, I’m glad you like the moniker. I spank the monkey fairly frequently, and sometimes to hot boys like in this video. ;)

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