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  1. After the original AIDS as some untreatable and as a world wide out of control disease, we find a few things more things worse than the exaggerating.
    — WAY OVER 100,000 Africans are dead from AIDS way before it leaves Africa since the able to figure its start in 1932, or, so. YES 1932, or, so. The new 2019 estimate is q million, i.e., plus or minus, actual not knowable, i.e., not possible to know, q.
    — — — NOTE ! That is BEFORE the ”THEY” get to he HTLV3 virus ”discovery”.
    — It is also a finding out that 90% of any needles of use in Africa by friendly free inoculators are in use over and over again, no sterilizing. Dr, Schweitzer, I presume, not of such.
    —- AND, THEN, the ”THEY” say AIDS is a gay disease. The ”THEY” actually trace it to a gay guy who is in Africa a bit. The ”THEY” make it his gay / homo / weirdo / faggot fault. The virus is already in the world blood supply. BUT, the ”THEY” blame him.
    — — — The ”THEY” ignore the thousands of people working in Africa, Europeans and Americans, working and fucking regularly in Africa …
    — THEN there is the five or so AIDS drugs which kill better than AIDS does ?
    — >— > —> LIVING with AIDS is another problem. We must live not only with the absurd ”gay” issue of the AIDS disease. We must beware of mosquitos anew.
    — — — — — and then view the video again and see the pain of living with AIDS.

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