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  1. Beautiful. My opinion is make up is totally wasted on them. They have a natural beauty that is only marred by makeup. I am a big aficionado of clean flesh and will reward that with lots of oral love, not that they would necessarily be interested in me. Having said that, they are entitled to however they want to be, just as I can not interact with them if I find the differences unappealing. I always have Milkboys as a fallback where I can lick the screen and it is clean :P
    I have brought around numerous lovers from makeup over the years as I have also brought around some “straight” men.
    I can’t hear the music, nor see any indication except for a big blank area. This model should be put on the youtube video!

  2. A cute teenager. As it was said : why add some redlips or any make-up stuff? He is beautiful being « au naturel ».
    Some androgynous boys like to test themselves as belonging to « the other gender ». Don’t you agree?

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