Two Gay Boys, a Cake & many “concerned” Social Media Users

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A video of a 12-year-old birthday boy kissing his 14-year-old boyfriend during his birthday celebration has gone viral throughout Brazilian social media with discussions alternately celebrating the young person’s love and happiness and criticising him for being too young to have a boyfriend or identify as gay.

The video (which was reportedly posted on social by the 12-year-old boy himself) shows the younger boy being hugged from behind by his taller boyfriend as his friends sing the “Happy Birthday” song to him. The boys briefly poke at the yellow icing of the cake, upon which is a picture of drag queen Pabllo Vittar, a popular Brazilian singer and drag performer. The entire party, in fact, seems to have a Pabllo Vittar theme with images of the entertainer decorating the walls.

After they finish singing the birthday song, the boy’s friends follow with a naughty parody of a popular birthday song called “Parabéns da Xuxa” (“Congrats to Xuxa”). They sing “é big, é big…” followed by “é rola, é rola…” and then “rá ti bum!” However, they change the words slightly so that they’re saying, “It’s cock, it’s cock…” and then “it’s dick, it’s dick…” and then “in your ass!”

This might seem weird or alarming to non-Brazilian viewers, but it’s basically a bunch of kids making an adult joke. They’re not singing about penises and anal sex because the kids are gay necessarily, they’re singing a birthday song that’s sung at countless birthdays across the country, and they’re repeating a dirty gay sex version of the lyrics adults often use as a joke. In the video, the young gay boys even happily join in the singing, showing that it’s just playful, naughty fun.

The social media users are somewhat shocked to see someone so young expressing his same-sex attraction so openly, and for those who are not used to seeing it, it’s understandable. But it’s also kind of wonderful to see a young gay person dating another boy, celebrating in a room full of loving friends because it’s not something we get to see very often in media or real life.


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  1. Awareness of LOVE comes before awareness of sexuality.

    At 12 I presumed I was heterosexual.

    At 13 years and six weeks I was deeply in love with another 13 year old boy

    At 48 I finally decided I was homosexual

    Nice to see two lads who enjoy each other’s company so comfortably, and whose friends join in

  2. Frog
    … ROFL :)
    the above from
    i tried the whole song but the line Rá ti bum
    was not translated it remained as Rá ti bum
    so i tried a word at a time:

    and the resul:

    1. Rá tim bum doesn’t have any translantion, it could be and onomatopoeia or other thing. I don’t know the history of the song so ….

    2. The kids are singing a bad version song, that can be tranlated by:

      “It’s Cock, It’s Cock,
      It’s Cock, It’s Cock, It’s Cock
      It’s Dick, It’s Dick
      It’s Dick, It’s Dick, It’s Dick
      In your
      And the guys say the birthday person’s name after that.

      The original song has no translation. The most of the lyric is a onomatopoeia and they seems to reproduce the sound of musical instruments in festive moments.

  3. Well, I’m really proud to say that I visit Milk Boys every day and this is one of the phew posts about Brazil. So let me explain a little more about what happened with this cheerfull young gay lads….

    So everyone who barely see the video here in my country are complaining about the age of the boys and that they’re too young for an “relatioship”, but if was an little girl and a little boy exchanging little kisses no one would say a thing, in other words, they’re all a bunch of hypocrits.

    Now about the birthday song. We have an “normal” song that everyone knows and we sing in the grandma birthday or for newborn 1st birthday, just for respect, you know….and then we have and “bad words” version of the same and is sang in the birthday of some cousins or even your parents or the cousins parents (is ratter normal here to prank with this song….ok the lirics:

    Parabéns pra você
    Nessa data querida
    Muitas felicidades
    Muitos anos de vida

    E pro “birthday person’s name here” nada?

    Então come é que é?
    É pic, é pic
    É pic, é pic, é pic,

    É hora, é hora
    É hora, é hora, é hora

    Rá Tin Bum!

    Now the “bad words” version:

    Parabéns pra você
    Nessa data querida
    Muitas felicidades
    Muitos anos de vida

    E pro “birthday person’s name here” nada?

    ——-||Basically until this part is all the same||—–

    Então come é que é?
    É pica, é pica
    É pica, é pica, é pica,

    É rola, é rola
    É rola, é rola, é rola

    No seu cú!

    Now, the cause of all the reall trouble was the “bad words” version of the song, because all of the religious people argued: “if those children wasn’t teach to sing the song like that, they’re wouldn’t be gay or so feminine”

    and that is an absurd!

  4. Ok, now what I’m think of the birthday party and the boyfriends…..If was my birthday party and I was a 13 teenager, I would feel so happy….just because when I was with this age I was afraid and in the closet (I wasn’t come out, you know what I mean). Now I’m 27 and I see this , I feel so cheerfull….is just amazing that people is starting to be who they wanna be without being afraid of being throwed out of there home…….they are so lucky to have those parents to support them and this is an huge step forward for the society in general…

  5. And I’m sorry for my bad english….is not my first language and I’m still learning……I’m really, really sorry if is hard to understand what I’m trying to say.

    1. Your English is fine. I’ve seen a lot ‘worse’ on job applications from native born Americans. Thanks for your insights.

      At age 12 I was playing with other boys, but nothing more than jerking each other off and trading blowjobs. To be a bottom boy at 12, already trained and conditioned to accommodate the erect penis of a post-pubescent 14 year old lover is quite an accomplishment. Of course, if the 14 year old is the bottom, he has it easy.

      1. Really depends on the 12 and 14 yo, does’t it, Horselips? At that age, or any really, it could easily go either way.

  6. Thanks for the further info and insights and your English is a lot better than my Portuguese.
    I used to have Brazilian boyf until he got deported and I lost contact with him, I do worry about him so I’m glad things are getting better albeit slowly.

  7. I’ve put this trough a Portuguese/English translator for you folks.

    Parents of children who have kissed each other on birthday can be arrested and respond to criminal prosecution.

    After a video showing a teenager and a 12-year-old boy kissing during the birthday celebration, the question remains whether the parents of the 12-year-old boy can be criminally liable for the act of the two boys.

    According to the law According to the Statute of the Child and Adolescent “a child is considered, for the purposes of this Law, a person up to 12 years of age, and adolescents between 12 and 18 years of age.

    Deputy Marcos Feliciano said that he will collect from the police the identification of the parents of the two boys so that the parents of both are taken before a judge of the child and the adolescent so that the measures are taken.

    According to the deputy the fact shown in the video configures vulnerable rape, the video viralized throughout Brazil in a few days. according to the ECA intimacy with under 14 years configures rape even consented and customs is pedophilia, even if the active agent is under 18 years becoming an infraction act provided in the ECA.

    See the video

    ​​However you need to speak Portugese to understand the link.


    1. The song was basically this…

      “His dick, his dick, his dick in you’re hole”

      “His hole, his hole, you’re dick in his hole”.

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