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Due to popular demand the like feature for blog posts is back so don’t forget to check the last couple of posts and like stuff so we know what to post more of! I didn’t think people cared about it that much but quite a few of you asked for its return so here we go. I guess it’s neat to be able to give feedback without having to leave a comment.

Which brings us to our next point: Someone asked why nested comments don’t have a reply button. That’s because the comments are supposed to let you share your opinion or insight about a post, not to have lengthy discussions ;) For the latter we’ll have the forums ready very soon (thanks to AGmilky & the mod team who are setting it up right now).

And last but not least: it was really helpful to read all your feedback regarding  nudity on the blog. How do you feel about this compromise: When a picture is just artistic, not-in-your-face nudity without any sexual context we’ll leave it be but when it’s porn, boners or sexually suggestive stuff we’ll make it click-through. Is that something you could agree with?


Relevant pic by lucasouza! Likeable, member of the milkboard & artistic nudity

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  1. Yeah that sounds cool.

    But it would be cool to have a place where members can find or post nude pictures (of themselves or whoever) that public can view without logging in. Like a secret folder!?

    1. I already discussed my opinion about Skyclad in a previous post with the three polls about the site, and no, nonononono ._.;

      Also, if you started allowing anyone to post in a public category without logging in, enjoy the CP that will ensue.

      1. Sorry i didnt see that , _ ,

        No, what i meant was a place where members only can post, but anyone (ie public) can view

  2. @milkboys
    ❦Well understand that the like buttons have their value to the house and your knowing what interests us but I still believe we can use those comments too and the diversity they offer us which can help rebuild the milkboys community I’ve always longed for.

    About the reply buttons: though I can see your point IMO a little chatter between your visitors can go a long way to bring the old mb’s back…considering all those voices that have been scattered to the four winds.
    ☞Long as one’s intent isn’t only promoting their own agenda. We all need to try and keep it about the post or at least in that vein even if occasionally we run off on some weird little tangent. Thank goodness I never do that!

    Your pic choice was very slick.
    The Coke bottle makes a perfect pseudo bone but the fact that it’s see-through reveals just a touch more yet you have to look for it…
    A click through for the more explicit pics is not only polite to all but most appreciated here in Prudeville as well.

    Can’t wait to see how the board shapes up as I do miss playing some of the word games you had though I suppose they’ll need to be resubmitted once again.

    Hopefully soon you’ll have those em notifications back of new posts and responses to our comments,(check boxes after comments?). I loved that feature to stay abreast of my fave blog!

    Great job so far from all at milkboys as it’s much appreciated! ヅ …ƌℯѵιʟ

  3. Yes.

    (BTW, the reply button is important, an edit button is needed. For some posts, a short handful of back and forth posts are necessary, and opinion development is certainly attractive to readers.)

  4. Completely agree, lengthy discussion should be left for the forum. Thanks for the like button.
    As for the design I always wanted to say: i did love the old milkboys style a lot… The rainbow design is a bit run of the mill. Could we at least get the font back?

      1. @Brandur:
        Yours may be junk, mine is important to me.”

        Thank you so much for that reply! Well said! Definitely one of the better posts! I couldn’t agree more, but I’ll also add:

        “… mine [and every cute boy’s] is important to me.”

        1. Thank you so much for negating a relevant point over a synonym. Dick, cock, penis, genitals, willy, whatever – my message is the same.

    1. @TheBoy
      “Thank you so much for negating a relevant point over a synonym.”
      Not in my opinion a relevant point, it is an opinion.

  5. I like the picture of the day, but mostly, I like the fact that Bing and other search engines have picked up on the URL. Progress is being made.

  6. why would anyone come here if they were afraid of naked sexual content? and if they do do i care?

  7. I agree with Boyd. The strength of this site is that we’ve always had a well curated mix of politics, culture and naughtiness. I like logging into a big ol’ boner! I don’t mind the shots where we have to click to get more, however. And I prefer the like button. I’ve read every post you’ve ever done and rarely comment unless the post commands it, but I’ve clicked Like many times to vote on your selection. In the end, I want you to keep making it your own. You want to please all of us but we’re all here because of the choices you’ve made – stay true to your vision and we’ll follow.

    1. This post sums up my opinion perfectly.

      Keep it your own.

      It is the mix that I’ve always enjoyed: serious politics, some trivia, beautiful photos of landscapes and food and anything else. Gender politics and identity. As a pan sexual nudist myself, the nude pix are welcome and I like them. But I am fine with the click-through method. Keep the like buttons please.

      Wonderful and I know this is a LOT of work. So, Thank you!

  8. I certainly agree with the need to click on an image to see what was (hopefully) intended.

    “Skyclad Saturday *2”: That “aura” (for me) is nothing more than censorship — clicked on it and it’s just a bigger pic of the same censored image — For me, that’s not “artistic” at all.

    “Likes, Discussions & Nudity”: While the Coke bottle’s placement could easily be considered “cleverly artistic,” the bottom light spot (reflection/over exposure) ruins the artistic merit for me and again, as above, it’s just nothing more than censorship, just in a larger pic (clicking on it). Also, isn’t “Coke” a bit passé (and promoting too much sugar :-) ) today? A nice fruit-flavored WATER bottle might have been more in keeping with (hopefully) today’s need for “natural” and less calories. :-)

    Just a photographer’s criticism.

  9. The click-through seem eminently reasonable, but since I don’t make a practice of looking up Milkboys at work, it’s no biggie.

  10. I still wish you would do away with the full frontal nudity completely. I still wish Milkboys would become what it initially was. But thats just me and that wish aint a big deal.

    As far as pics go, the simplistic QueerSchool and TheBoysWorld have surpassed MilkBoys by a longshot.

    1. In my opinion, Milkboys is a much superior site to those you mentioned. Looking at QueerSchool, it hasn’t even updated for a year and a half.

  11. Am I the only one, who just LIKES the click-through without seeing it as a way to hide nudity?

  12. The ‘like’ feature is good, and worked well on the old board, I think.

    As for the limited amounts of replies available, I’d say it’s probably a good thing. On the old board, there were some extremely long strings of replies going on and on, that mostly were just people ragging on each other over some difference of opinion. Hopefully this limitation will help to prevent that.

    As for nudity on the blog, we had a huge discussion about that on the old board. Once again I’ll voice my opinion: I liked the old ‘Click to see NSFW version’. Milkboys is NOT a porno site, and as such, it shouldn’t have in your face nudity on the front page with no warnings. If it’s adult content, there should ALWAYS be a warning.


    “Speaking of the milkboard, what’s the link for it?”

    It’s not up and running yet, but i do miss it and welcome its return, hopefully soon. :)

  13. That boy he is cute, he has a nice body, he looks good naked, I sure wish that I was that Coca-Cola bottle right now, because that bottle is lucky, maybe I can remove that bottle and dive into it.

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