Harry Styles lights up in a bisexual anthem

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Harry Styles dropped pretty steamy video for Lights Up, his first single in more than two years ― and fans have a lot of questions. In an August interview with Rolling Stone, he said his new music was “all about having sex and feeling sad,” and to that end, “Lights Up” certainly does not disappoint.

Released on National Coming Out Day, the track features Harry singing about “step[ping]into the light” of a new identity and “never going back”. Fans put two and two together and are hailing the song a bisexual anthem.

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  1. His video certainly shows support for bisexuality, but he could have done it without the drugs and alcohol and behaving irresponsibly, he knows better. Harry doesn’t sound like he has much of a voice, or it was masked behind all the autotune, but the song isn’t half bad if you listen to it instead of watching it. It even reminds me a bit of MGMT’s soft psychedelic rock at times. More pop though. Popper?

  2. Meh…. more autotuned junk that doesn’t sound any different then half the other autotuned junk out there….

  3. No surprise at all if he is LGBQTI…… But I’d rather he simply came out and told the truth!

  4. And photos show he has the big dick to go with the big dick energy. Who cares if he can sing?! Not I, said the Little Red Hen.

  5. Pop music flourished from the 60s through some of the 90s. After that, it died. Who is Harry Styles anyway?

    1. He was/is a world famous member of the pop group One Direction. He’s less popular right now, but still known by at least 100 million people whether you think he should be or not.

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