Facebook & Instgram ban ‘suggestive’ use of emojis 💦

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After banning all kinds of nudity in pictures and even talking about your sex life, Facebook and Instagram are not done yet. In their dystopian quest to rid the internet of any trace of sexuality they’re now going after the “suggestive use” of certain emojis like the peach and the aubergine…

The new rules are part of their new Community Standards which were implemented at some stage between 7 September and now, according to XBIZ. These absurd new rules were brought to public attention by BBC journalist Thomas Fabbri who covers issues relating to sex workers.

The new terms supposedly aim to prevent “sexual solicitation” on Facebook and Instagram. The guidelines mean that a person’s account can be flagged for “sexual solicitation” if they use the aubergine or peach emoji in a post with any kind of sexual context.

Under the new guidelines, users are warned not to either offer or ask for content that is “implicitly or indirectly” related to nude imagery, sex or sex chat. They are also banning “mentions or depictions of sexual activity” including drawings that is related to “sexual solicitation”.

They do not list what emojis are considered to have a sexual use – however, they are presumably referring to emojis such as the eggplant, the peach and drops of water, which are all typically used on social media in sexual contexts.

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  1. This has very little to do with facebook. Instead, ask yourself: which groups and ideologies have been fuelling the anti-sex movement the last two or three decades? (No, not necessarily just the ones you dislike, but maybe also the ones you like.)

    1. The anti sex “thing” is older than the pyramids of the sands. Boys becoming Girls is at least as old. YES ! DO MEAN 4 y o boys becoming girls, and, emphpatically, vv. Why does Plato go to Egypt ? It is not to vacation nor sight see. SOCRATES does not say sorrow. APOLOGY is not SORROW. Such a refusal is now a days a Failure.

      1. The meaning is F … and they, at that time, are fully aware of that. They are no less stupid than any one now a days.

        1. The F word is newer. They know what SORATES says and means at the time. If any one wants to know what the version of the time simply read round a bout what this here one writes as testimony at trial …

  2. aubergine — I actually had to look that one up — yeah, it’s eggplant (on this side of the pond).


    “Instead, ask yourself: which groups and ideologies have been fuelling the anti-sex movement the last two or three decades?”

    Obvious — our right-wing super hypocritical evangelical / “born-again” movement. They’re afraid of veggies covering areas, but they back Trump to the hilt.

    And then there’s horsey.

    1. Since “aubergine” is impossible for normal people to spell or pronounce, “eggplant” is a perfectly acceptable substitute. The principle use of this veggie is in eggplant parmesan, and the thought of “aubergine parmigiana” is preposterous on its face.

      1. “he principle use of this veggie is in eggplant parmesan”

        You’ve never heard of or tasted stuffed eggplant? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on some great food by a very southern parent (New Orleans — and it doesn’t get a lot more “south” than that).

        I’ll bet you’ve never really had GOOD [home cooked] Cajun food, either.

  3. Facebook and Instagram are free services, offered to users at no cost and no obligation. You can’t beat the price. If you don’t like their policies, start your own social media. Make up your own rules. Or have no rules at all. It’s still a somewhat free country.

  4. Meh, I haven’t checked Facebook in almost 2 years and I never had an Instagram account, so I don’t care what policies they put in place for posting.

  5. The term” horse lips ” is off the fact that male horses oft, but not all, but oft do slippery wet slaver the female horses stuff with their mouth. . Ever feed a horny horse

  6. Do not understand the sex problem. = 1 = 2 = 3 = 4 = 5 = 6 = 7 = 8 = 9 = 10 = + pick your number plus the fat, beer can versus penci, . That is a male thing. Ignorant do show as no know of no of female thinging. SEX needs no projector other than this here delineates as example.
    — The SEX POLICE are not mere whore cops. That is them. The horror sex police are fanatics. They belieeeeeeeeve in hate as like the nazi. Am up close and personal with them, YES, male and female, YES. They are like the Nazi. And murderously so. YES ! They do kill. &c

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