Let’s have a Chat!

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The chat we had so far was very limited in what it offers. Let’s try something new! The new chat has several rooms, voice chat, a mobile app & a desktop client, notifications when your name gets mentioned, picture & link previews and so on and on…

 Enter the new Chat!

The usual rules apply: Be nice to each other, don’t spam, use common sense and keep in mind that we’re not a dating site ;) NSFW pictures & videos are not allowed for now (because it makes moderation a lot harder) but we’ll look into that depending on how the chat evolves.


This is a test run so things might be a bit wonky at times. The old chat is still available if you prefer that.

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  1. Discord lololol…that is beyond parody judging by the atmosphere on the chat in the past. Let’s hope this is a success though.

    1. Post

      Not sure when you tried but unless it’s early in the morning there’s usually always people talking. At the moment there’s almost 50 people online and chatting.

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