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  1. Honestly, this is a waste of 2.5 minutes, camera work, and memory modules. And the switches from b&w to color and back isn’t ‘artsy’ — it’s gimmicky. Not to mention that the guy isn’t even good-looking enough to pull off something of “art.”

    This is something Donald Trump might think of doing under the auspices that he might have “created” some “art” — but he didn’t.

    1. One might wonder if sharing your comment was also a waste of 2.5 minutes, but the answer is no, because you got a comment in return and attention is what you seek.

    2. The radge orange bampot is incapable of art and so, it would seem, are you.

      The beholder has a considerable say in what is art and shallow art critics seldom stand the test of time.

      All the best.

      1. “incapable of art and so, it would seem, are you.”

        By my careers alone, you are ignorantly incorrect — I was a photographer and worked with computers. I’m quite aware of art (even for arts’ sake) and did rather well during my life.

        Watch this video again, and then maybe it will actually sink into your ‘brain.’ There was nothing artistic about the switching between b&w and color — it was done only because the camera person saw the ability in the manual (pdf) and decided he can do it as too. But, overcome with the gadgetry of what the camera can do, he failed to read and comprehend that camera movements in video/film are highly magnified to the viewer and not recommended except in the rarest of cases. That’s why tripods (and monopods) were invented. [Ya think?] And neither will cramp one’s style when operating a camera if one desires visual and actual quality.

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