America’s Lavender Scare

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In the 1950s the U.S. government deemed federal workers who were homosexual to be security risks and began purging them from the workforce. A new documentary looks at how the policy played out over more than four decades.

The Lavender Scare is in theatres now.



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  1. Is it not wonderful that no one today would lose their job because of whom they love? What went on back then is definitely a thing in the past because today we are as wise as we are kind and tolerant. Happy pride month everyone! Now you can be whom you truly are!!1

    1. If only. In many parts of America it still happens, mostly in businesses, large and small, owned by right-wing religious people. Don’t even try to work for the Catholic Church! Not that any sane person would want to associate themselves with that criminal enterprise.

      1. I’m catholic. Your catholicophobia is offensive and makes me sad. I thought milkboys was a safe space for everyone, but apparently not.

        1. “Your catholicophobia is offensive ”

          First, tough shit. Second, there’s no such thing as either: catholicophobia or even that stupid made-up word.

          Your religiosity is offensive not only to me, but to every other common-sense and reasoning thinking person in the world.

          Again, don’t like it? tough shit. Religious privilege ends with me.

          1. All words are made up by humans. Catholicophobia is probably more common than most social phobias. Sure is more real than so-called ‘islamophobia’.

  2. And now the Pope says transgenders are unnatural, that God WDNE created men and women, not Edam and Cheese.

    1. LGB is pretty much settled, but T will remain controversial until the shrinks and the nerds and the docs do the research, and arrive at a consensus conclusion completely bereft of any and all political correctness, social justice, and religious consideration. For the sake of credibility there can be no accommodation whatsoever of any agenda on either side.

      1. “until the shrinks and the nerds and the docs do the research”

        They already have. Stop being so fucking stupid and LAZY and actually, READ IT.

      2. “conclusion completely bereft of any and all … religious consideration”

        Are you fucking serious? The stupid irony of you writing that. Without the fucked-up religions [i.e., churches], there wouildn’t be any arguments.

        1. There will always be arguments. Religions are just a vehicle allowing people so inclined to exercise their hate. Removing religion will never remove hate. Hate is a human condition and will always be a major problem whereever likeminded wankers find a method to club up and rejoice in hate.

          Talking of clubs and hatred — football is another classic example.

          For every sickening event the mantra is always trotted out ‘it’s only a minority’. Unequivocally, football and religious shittery is what it is. Never mind the naysayers – if you are a football supporter or espouse a religion then you are a dodgy person until proved otherwise.

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