Lasting Marks

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The story of sixteen men put on trial for sadomasochism in the dying days of Thatcher’s Britain was told by the police, the prosecution and the tabloid press — but not by those in the dock.

Lasting Marks is the story of a group of men, brought together through their shared sexual desires, and the vice investigation (named ‘Operation Spanner’) that followed when the police acquired a video tape of these acts being performed, Lyne delves into a somewhat forgotten, historic case in this informative and engaging film.

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  1. No comments on this movie, but I watched “Detainment” yesterday, an Irish short movie that retraces the murder of a 2 year old toddler by two 10 year old brothers in Liverpool in 1993.
    Very emotional and a remarkable performance by young Irish actor Ely Solan. I can’t imagine what kind of psychological guidance he must have gone through to remain unscathed after filming.
    It was released on the Internet only last week.

  2. How come the police of today aren’t doing more to fight and expose vice rings? Sadism rings like the one in the video, not to mention gay rings in general, are rampant – much more common than in Thatcher’s time. That kind of abuse needs to stop, and it needs to stop right now.

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