Kyushudanji Shinsengumi

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Japanese youth dance team Kyushudanji Shinsengumi absolutely demolished the competition at World Of Dance Los Angeles. Buckle up…

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  1. Very good break dancers (or ‘B-boyers’). Very interesting how the Japanese (and other Asians) ‘take’ this art form from its “originators” and then proceed to greatly improve its basic artistic merits, agility and complexity and quite simply, do it better. Good for them. And, from my perspective, better looking as well. :-))

  2. Penboy is a master of understatement. Having just seen it, I’m still not sure that I believe it.

  3. Btw, the logo for “World of Dance” [WOD] is interesting. At very quick glance, it could appear to be “GOD.” ….. Wouldn’t that be funny — having an image in your mind of “jesus christ” break dancing for “his boys” (you know, those twelve disciples before he breaks out the fish and bread) or break dancing just before his “resurrection” as payment for rising up to please the “big guy.” :-)))

  4. There are several genres of dance – there’s this – “dance,” which is high-energy choreographed gymnastics, and then there’s “dancING’ which is done by couples in contact with each other, and is in fact, erotically symbolic of the seduction process. Leading any of these beautiful boys in a tango, or even a waltz, would be far more arousing.

    1. “Leading any of these beautiful boys in a tango, or even a waltz, would be far more arousing.”

      Maybe …. if he can stay awake during the waltz dance. The above is an antidote for boredom (and the waltz).

  5. Just 5 seconds to say ‘WOW’ in recognition of such skills.
    Then a big smile.
    Then ‘Well done boys’

    Then .. ‘YAWN..’

    Boring stuff.
    Crap music. (Music?)

    Moved to post comment and on to next website of my daily morning catch up.

  6. Yeah, I can do that. I just really don’t feel like showing off right now. Wow! that was like Ten times better than anything I’ve seen on the past 10 seasons of America’s Got Talent!

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