Kyushudanji Shinsengumi

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Japanese youth dance team Kyushudanji Shinsengumi rocked the World of Dance finals a few years ago and it’s still well worth the watch.

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  1. Wow. Just wow. I love dance, but I don’t often get excited by big dance crews. These guys were amazing. Tons of energy, great moves, and cute boys. What more could you want?

  2. Very good. They do it better than the blacks and look a hell of a lot better doing it, as well. Looks like the blacks are now ….. has beens.

  3. PB, are you comparing them to some particular dance ensemble named “the blacks” or to all black-skinned dancers as a type?

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  4. These kids are utterly freaking stunning! I have never, never seen breakdancing even close to how good they are! I’m an old cynic, extremely difficult to impress, but they just blew me away! Like Wolfboi3 says – WOW! So many Wow! moments, I had to watch it repeatedly to catch the bits I missed before! As for Penboy, why the hell does he have to bring race into it? His comments leave the distinct impression that he has a personal problem with blacks. He should keep his personal problems to himself instead of inflicting them on others!

  5. As much as the ignorant wish it to be, my comment WASN’T “racist,” but, more accurately, culturistwhich should have been obvious by the [again], very obvious context. But, of course, the Internet ‘culture’ today is more interested in calling out their own short-comings to others for deflection — or just total lack of intelligence.

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    As for wolfboi3, when you “SYH,” did you also shake your brain around to maybe stir up some comprehension of what I was saying? Probably NOT.

    As for Ilia, well, just get fucked.

  6. Penboy,

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    I’ve said my piece, I’ll say no more on the subject, so please spare everyone by not wasting your time trying to provoke me. I will not indulge you.

    1. Actually, you just proved to all of us YOUR fucking ignorance. So, as I said before [and not going to waste any more time with the likes of you] : get fucked.

  7. The video is of wonderful boy dancers. SEXY if not so intending to be.
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