The Private Life of Kyle Ross

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In this short documentary about porn star Kyle Ross you’ll get to know the boy behind the star. From his gig at Helix Studios to the dissolution of his high profile relationship. Intent gracefully ageing in an industry that celebrates youth, Kyle shares the work that goes into maintaining an image while simultaneously shedding it.

You can check out his work for Helix Studios here.

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  1. The porn biz has a reputation of wrecking so many lives – nice to see a boy survive with his family and his job, and end up making good. Good going Kyle, and good luck.

  2. I’ve always admired his work. Over the years he’s been paired with others not always as sexually talented or as interesting as himself. So hats off to his bedroom performances. Best of luck to his future endeavors.

  3. I wish we lived in a world where these guys used their real names. as it is, we only learn who they really were when they die unexpectedly and the news takes the form of “porn name” real name “some name” died from…

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