League of Legends’ gay black champ censored in some countries

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Riot Games has admitted to censoring the new LGBTQ+ League of Legends character in conservative countries. Back in October, the video game developer made headlines when they announced the game’s first Black and openly gay character K’Sante.

“A mighty guardian wielding weapons forged from an apex predator he once slayed, K’Sante is a hero of his people, dominating fights with keen judgement and defiant fire,” Riot said in a statement. “His weapons may appear defensive at first, but given the right moment, he can transform them into lethal blades, taking down giant foes others dare not approach.”

In addition to Riot Games announcement, Game of Thrones star DeObia Oparei revealed that he would be voicing the groundbreaking champion, writing: “I’m excited to give life and voice to K’Sante and make history portraying the first LGBTQ+ Black champion warrior.”

On 3 November, the highly anticipated character was officially released on the League of Legends platform. While K’Sante has become an instant hit within the expansive fanbase, his openly gay identity has been censored in certain parts of the world.

In an interview with Sky News, League of Legends executive producer Jeremy Lee revealed that certain words, like “lover” and “partner”, have been removed from K’Sante’s story in countries hostile towards the LGBTQ+ community.

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