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  1. Thanks Josh, a unique short film that was quite different.

    ~You knew the more sensitive of the boys from the git go but when the tables turned the stronger one shined through even for those who shamed him.
    Too many of us have acquaintances and think them friends.
    Thomas could have been the latter given time but Kent still had a way to go to learn the difference, some never do…

    1. ~Sorry I missed it…
      😀Thanks Oaksong for submitting the film it was a good choice.

  2. The hypocrisy of societies. They’re quick to defend Kent and imprison the older one when Kent was showing the signs of being exactly like the ones that societies will imprison without a second thought.

    1. In Scandinavian countries we still do have distinction between a kid and an adult in our judicial system. And I think it is a good thing. Also making an offence and showing signs of perhaps offending some day in the future are still separate things.

  3. I liked the “whatever” suddenly appearing in the midst of the Danish . . . or whatever it was.

  4. Interesting little tangle of feelings in this short movie. Cute freckled strawberry blondie seems to smile genuinely at the attention of the stereotyped man, and only runs off once the other cute blondie sees what’s going on. Meanwhile the girl is in tears.

    Boys and girls were never meant to mix, excepting the super feminine boys who like to wear makeup and crossdress. Boys in our wealthy cultures grow up being propagandized into thinking about female bodies, what a pity for everyone involved.

    1. That freckled boy was clearly terrified and wanted to run but was too scared to move until the other boy drew the man’s attention. As soon he had an opportunity that freckled boy ran as fast as he could. No, that boy was very clearly into girls and wanted nothing to do with the man. And if you think otherwise you are deluding yourself.

  5. Typical anti-pedo propaganda. “There are no gay pedophiles or straight pedophiles; there are just pedophiles, attracted to children of any sex.” This seems to be a particularly popular argument among feminist and queer radicals who want to distance themselves, and the LGBT community/movement, from the stains of pedophilia and pederasty, history be damned.

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