Kissing Drew

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Inside a drab middle school in 1992, a sexually-confused eighth-grader attempts to regain his dignity after being bullied by a sex-obsessed ‘cool kid’ whom he secretly fantasies about.

What do you do if you’re in love with your bully? While it might seem an odd idea, there are plenty of people out there who will know that love and hate can be close together. That’s the situation here, where teenager James fantasises about ‘cool kid’ Drew, but also has to deal with the fact Drew bullies him for being gay. The short moves between an almost lyrical romanticism and being fairly intense. As you may expect, there are hints that there’s more to Drew’s bullying than meets the eye, and James’ ‘revenge’ is an interesting one, which brings up plenty of ideas.

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  1. Interesting and a pretty good story. I like it. A couple of quips, but they’re minor (like it could have been a bit longer).

  2. 5😘’s for “Kissing Drew”, loved it.. but that ending!
    U know who James was really kissing, such a sweetie he was!

    ~Sad reality is that Drew’s bullying and sexual harassment crossed the line in all regards which almost could have made this a anti-bullying PSA save for James’s adorable imaginary infatuation with Drew.

  3. This one is for the “record book”:

    First Time 4:16


    There are 2 great comments by Mack Jonsey:

    Am I understanding this correctly? They don’t even speak to each other, barely look at each other, yet he jumps up to go with another guy for …. [sex]?


    Question: Why is the food vendor wearing a yamakul to, you know, serve food?

    Answer: To subliminally FORCE: 1) his unwarranted “religion” in a setting that it’s not needed or wanted; and 2) To subliminally tell everyone else that he’s special and “deserves” better treatment and you’d better recognize this.

    This is just ONE WAY out of thousands how the “religious” will subliminally FORCE themselves and their stupid bullshit religion onto everyone else [conveniently without even saying a word].

    1. This is a perfect example of what Mack (above) and I said a couple of years earlier about this performance on AGT:

      (It’s clear he can’t sing worth a damn.)

      Notice that not only this boy, but also his father FORCING their religion/privilege onto us in a non-religious environment. While this kid made it through the audition, he was rejected the very next time he performed. And it’s also clear that this father made sure the judges knew they were jewish and to assert some privilege to the boy because of showing their religion.

  4. @Penboy
    ~Occasionally submitting a video to posts is fine but posting multiple videos sometimes not even related to the subject at hand is just hijacking the original post especially if it’s before people have even responded with their own comments about the original post by milkboys.
    “Kissing Drew” IMO stood alone as a good short film that might have generated some nice chatter but you’ve turned this thread into some anti-religion slop-fest more related to your specific hatred then what Josh originally intended.

    😈 I suggest that you mention to Josh again about having a ‘open post day’, say once a month yet still on occasion submit videos that are post related as we as we all do.

    1. And you’re not “in charge” of posts on this blog. If milkboys didn’t allow the posts, then they would have been deleted. He’s quite capable of handling my posts as he’s done through the years.

      So, either watch the videos, or just mind your own business; i.e., keep your keyboard to yourself. Or, better yet, actually LEARN something from the posts I make.

    2. I guess Penboy is an Aspie or something like that. Nothing wrong with that of course, but it may explain why he seems unable to understand what other people consider a normal behavior, and why people get annoyed by his persistence in putting forward his obsessions here.

      Anyway, I’m afraid we’ll have to cope with it, like we did over all those years – old men are not likely to change ;) Hopefully it won’t evolve into more problematic syndromes, so we can just deal with by an “ignore” attitude.

      1. “Anyway, I’m afraid we’ll have to cope with it, like we did over all those years”

        That’s right, get fucking used to it … the same way I’ve [we’ve] had to deal with the bullshit of religion shoved down our throats 24/7 through all these years. And I speak out against that bullshit now. But just stay silent, just like the idiots in this country that allowed the mentally ill idiot into the office of President of the United States.

        1. 🤔You may be right Thomas but…
          ~”Kissing Drew” has absolutely nothing to do with religion or Tweety Trump.
          Yet he’ll make it all about that so this will eventually turn into a ‘Penterrific Black Hole’ that we’ll never be free of, oh well such is the joy of milkboys!

          😱Best we just surrender per usual!

    3. “‘Kissing Drew’ has absolutely nothing to do with religion or Tweety Trump.”

      Who said or implied that it/they did? That was in response to the video link I offered for your enjoyment.

      What’s it like … working so hard to be an idiot? You must be a big fan of Twump, since both your senses of “logic” seems to agree so well.

      1. 😘But of course dear penboy, as per-usual yours is the final word…
        👿I was a tad crushed that you didn’t use my special pet name, what was that again, Devilina?

        1. “But of course dear penboy, as per-usual yours is the final word…”

          As you continue to do exactly as you accuse me of. Hypocrite, much?

  5. @Penboy
    “Or, better yet, actually LEARN something from the posts I make.”
    ~Not surprised at the standard Penboy party line…
    Been saying for years that no one wants to be schooled by you but feel free to keep believing that that your words are priceless to all.

  6. How could Drew’s girlfriend believe James started it? It was not James that stole Drew’s game. But then again the teacher clearly saw Drew bothering James with repeated taunts and yet it was James not Drew that was singled out and talked to outside the classroom.

    1. ~Why confront the bully when it’s always the victims fault don’t you know… That’s how so many of those evil little fu-ks get away with their crap on a daily basis while society turns their eyes.
      Been that way since day one but heaven forbid the victim fights back with extreme violence after repeated ignored abuse.

    2. “yet it was James not Drew that was singled out and talked to outside the classroom.”

      Only because James said, “fucking” — one of those 7 worlds we were told would bring down society as we [knew] it back the. Just like the possibly 2-second glimpse of Janet Jackson’s nipple and how it was the scourge of TV land across this nation and would have damaged all our children who never saw it.

      One wonders just how damaged most of the children in the world are now after not only seeing, but repeatedly sucking on nipples. Heaven forbid!!!

  7. An interesting film but the ending leaves me wondering what happens on the next day after James kisses Drews girlfriend.

    Question though – are their films being made that show outsiders standing up for the bullied kids? We are constantly being advised that we should intervene if we see anyone being bullied but films like this tend to reinforce the idea that the bullied are people who stand alone.

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