Why Kink belongs at Pride

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Earlier this month, just weeks before the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, a Twitter user shared a since-deleted viral tweet directed at Pride goers. It contained a number of statements about the nature of Pride, with one particular remark sparking a string of intra-community discourse: “Please don’t bring your k*nks/fet*shes to pride, there are minors @ pride and this can sexualise the event.”

Debate quickly followed within the queer community, calling into question the place of public displays of kink and BDSM at queer events.

Some agreed with the original tweet, assenting that wearing fetish gear or publicly expressing one’s sexuality would violate the consent of those present, as it could make people feel uncomfortable or triggered.

Others challenged these sentiments. “Kinks, sex, and protest are all inherent parts of pride,” wrote Nicolette Mason on Twitter. “One of the core tenets of pride is liberation and working against cultural shaming,” wrote a user under the handle @atty_boy. “Calling to make pride ‘kid-friendly’ implies that celebrating sexuality and kink openly is bad. Normalizing these things is a GOAL of pride.”

Wherever you stand on the issue, the fact remains that BDSM, subversive sexuality, and leather culture have enjoyed a long history within the LGBTQ+ rights movement, and such public displays of sexuality are driven by much more than libido or countercultural impulses — they’re an inherent expression of queer culture and sexuality, and as such, deserve a place at Pride as much as anything.

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  1. Homosexuality, to use the old term, is a sexual issue. It’s about sex. I dislike anti-gay gay people as much as I do narrow minded straight people. Organized religions have mystified sex in order to further control their followers. It astonishes me that people believe that the entity which created 200 billion stars is interested in human penises.

    1. It’s about whom you feel good being close to as well, even if you don’t want to have sex with him, or even kiss him. Perhaps you just want to play games with him, or teach him things.

      As for god, why can’t someone who (some people claim) created this clearly mad world be interested in setting up rules about human penises? ;D

      1. “As for god, why can’t someone who (some people claim) created this clearly mad world be interested in setting up rules about human penises?”

        Seriously? Please tell me you’re NOT.

        1. God created man in his own image. Humans are mad, and thus god is too. Accept that and everything else in religion starts to makes sense. We’re ruled by a madman. :D

      2. “God created man in his own image. Humans are mad, and thus god is too.”

        You’re fucking mentally ill.

  2. Still a bit of a mixed message, the discrimination is mostly against LGBTQ+, not BDSM or other kinky stuff. As far as I understand, Pride is now both a protest against LGBTQ+ discrimination and for the recognition of straight and gay kinky stuff, maybe also porn.
    Well you guys do whatever you want with your Pride, I am not attending or judging them, it’s just not my thing, and I think there are way higher priority protests, like against climate change, automatic weapons, Trump, and so on. Not that Pride is a first world issue, but there’s a bit of that in it.

  3. When the Gay Movement was annihilated by various forces, it became replaced by feminist lesbians who represented women’s sensibilities at large, and it made sanitized “LGBT” it’s core.

    The era of sex, kink, rebellion, etc., died with it.

    Time to get people’s heads out of the 1960s and 1970s – the new LGBT ovement sold the other groups out, and there’s no going back.

    1. “it became replaced by feminist lesbians”

      Of course, all those on top of trailers/’floats’ wearing all manner of B&D, S&M costumes are “lesbians”.

      Give me a call — I’ve got some great beach-front property in Arizona to sell for a song and dance.

      jesus, you’re seriously brainwashed with all that feminism crap.

  4. In deciding what should or should not belong in Pride parades and events, consider what goals and objectives you want to achieve, and also what impressions you want to make, and decide accordingly. Choose wisely. Remember where we were, and reflect on where we are today. Never let Pride go to waste.

  5. Kink really has no place at pride… Kink has nothing to do with sexuality as it does with sex. Straight people have their own kinks and they work just the same. Kink has nothing to do with gender and that definitely needs to be a bigger focus of the modern era. Trans rights are falling drastically behind and if some gay guy gets pissy because he’d rather promote his right to walk around with a ballgag than literal human rights, then he can go fuck himself in the corner. Most states are fine with murdering people for being trans and if you don’t think that’s true, you’re on the internet… Google… Too easy to be fired, killed, or at least kicked out as a kid just the same as the common gays in the past. Pride is not just a celebration. There are still people suffering. Pride is an active call to action for action

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