Grindr wants people to be Kindr

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Grindr, a premiere sex and dating app for queer people (though men comprise the platform’s predominant user base), has launched what appears to be a new initiative, according to a slightly cryptic post to the brand’s official Instagram account. The post features audio messages of intertwining various voices. One such message is someone saying, “When [someone] says to me that I don’t date black people… that can be referred to as sexual racism.” There’s a logo reading “Kindr,” using Grindr’s logo.

*sound on* 🔊 It’s time to play nice. Dropping September 2018.

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Grindr has faced criticism from users since its inception from those who have been subjected to types of mistreatment — including, in some cases,violent anti-gay hate crimes — based on the notions of individually defined sexual preferences, usually by cisgender men.

Some users have sworn off the app completely due to experiencing discrimination, and, as mentioned, Grindr is no stranger to criticism, or even lawsuits, around what constitutes acceptable free speech, and best internal practices for monitoring forms of hate speech without censoring sexual preference.

It’s tricky, and only time will tell how this all shakes out, but if Grindr pulls off its Kindr campaign with tangible results, it may actually be something of a revolution in the queer community. This also comes on the heels of trans model and activist Munroe Bergdorf’s announcement of her involvement with Grindr, after publicly acknowledging the platform’s need to call out racists and transphobic users.

(German users might face some uncomfortable questions once people see an app called Kindr on their phones though…)

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  1. “German users might face some uncomfortable questions once people see an app called Kindr on their phones though…”
    This is childish. Or surprising.

  2. In the LGBT+ community, what is really sexual preference is often taken as “racism” primarily because because of the “concentration” of gays in a “situation” — in this case, an Internet app/site. The same thing could be said of straights in their respective Internet apps/sites.

    Just because I have a preference for a certain “type” [or race], that doesn’t make me a racist. And online, it’s become increasingly common for some “types” to goad others into saying something that could be construed as “racist” in other venues. And sometimes it’s just to “swat away” the annoyances.

  3. If I don’t wanna date Blacks, Asians, Trans, Religious, Retards or whatever, that is my personal preference and nobodies else business. Will this bullshit ever end? Apparently I’m also a misogynist, oh no… I think we should stop being gay, that’s sexist!

  4. I’m on Grindr. Typical BS because people want to throw out the racist card for everything nowadays. So childish and clueless. Preferences have nothing to do with racism.

  5. I believe that the distinction lies between dating and sex. When I log onto Grindr I’m not looking for a relationship. I’m wanting to fulfill a sexual fantasy/desire. But once I say, “I don’t date black people,” (meaning, looking for an ongoing potential relationship) yes, I believe that is racism. You can have preferences, but which preferences are you open to acting against? I prefer scrawny, nerdy, blonde boys who shave their cocks. But you know what? I’ll date an average sized athlete with dark hair and a little bit of bush. Do you say, “I would never date a dark haired boy?” And then truly never do that? So, its that line in the sand that I think moves things from preference to racism.

    Stated differently, I prefer white boys but I’m open to the possibility that there’s a black guy out there that I could love, AND would not be opposed to finding out. If you’re not open to the possibility AND you are opposed to finding out, then yes, I believe that is very much racism.

    1. “Do you say, ‘I would never date a dark haired boy?'”
      The purpose of that can be 100% different from saying, “‘I don’t date black people.'” Neither one could be considered racist just because it’s been “vocalized.”

      What you’re saying is if a [straight] Chinese person said, “I don’t date white [or black] people” in Asia and calling that racist.

  6. Good luck with that Grindr. Not gonna happen. My preferences are not “racist”, fat shaming or whatever. When I’ve reached out to guys on the app, I go for whoever I deem attractive. If anything, writing it out does them a favor. But someone on Grindr gets butt hurt about it anyway. Truth be told, those who bitch about blanket rejections the most are the ugliest people. They think they’re owed my time or body because they exist.

    Are you fat? Look in the mirror: that’s your problem, not mine. Daddy? Sorry gents, I’m here for peers. And playing the race card doesn’t make me wanna fuck you either. You’re not my type, you’re not my type. Long as you’re hot to me, I couldn’t care less about the rest. And all those who can’t handle rejection can go to hell.

    TL;DR: Non-issue becomes issue.

  7. — There are guys who f their pet dogs, and, some say, daily. They otherwise act normal. Are they ism-ists, or, what ? GO FIGURE.
    — DISQUS and DISCORD hate this guy here. Will never do GRINDR. Such things that hate discriminates are too off for this writer. Nice guys and sweets need to go else wheres. UGLIES too oft HATE us and think we owe them our nicer looks and bodies and ass holes for them to rape and rip. GO FIGURE.
    — “Blonde hair, blue eyed, and white, and are devils.” THAT is RACIST ? ha ha ha ! It is faggotry !

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