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Killer examines an old wives’ tale about masturbation and pushes it over the edge in this masterfully cringe-worthy coming-of-age dramedy.

Dusty is a young boy wishing for puberty and some body hair so he can finally wear deodorant. The school bully, who already sports a moustache, torments him endlessly but there’s nothing Dusty can do about it… until maybe there is. It all begins one day at his friend’s house when the subject of sex arises. Dusty’s curiosity is piqued and soon he tries to masturbate for the first time, but it comes with significant unintended consequences.

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  1. Watching this, I kept thinking that Dusty reminded me of another actor, but couldn’t remember who until it finally hit me — a young River Phoenix with his expressions of questioning thought — and a slight similarity of looks.

    I wish they would have more properly credited the leading actors in this.

  2. Laughed my head off at the climax. The bully with the shocked look and Dusty with that look of determination – shooting the bully with his dick.

  3. Whew… good thing that wasn’t his superpower. Place would be depopulated within weeks, and the species would be barely hanging on by the time he was 15!

    That being said, the absurdity is the easiest thing to focus on, but there is so much vivid illustration of the dysfunctional nature of our society in this short film. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but come on. Isn’t growing up hard enough with all the unavoidable things like physical changes whether you want them or not, awkwardness, hormones, confusion of self, etc without piling on a bunch of totally avoidable ignorance of basic biology?

    1. “Isn’t growing up hard enough … without piling on a bunch of totally avoidable ignorance of basic biology?”

      Yes, I so agree.

  4. Wow. The accuracy is phenomenal with which this short depicts the burdens that young people carry with them, while presenting a sullen or preoccupied silence. The language use between the boys was also scarily accurate. Interesting that someone mentioned River Phoenix, because if you feel this cultural portrayal doesn’t ring true where you are, it certainly rings true where I am — the place where the Phoenix family actually ended up living.

  5. That was really rather sweet. And at the end I thought he was going to pull out a real gun to blow that bully fucker away

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