Kids react to… Equality

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On a weekend afternoon, 13 kids between the ages of five and 13 were sat down & asked to watch two gay couples get engaged. After that, they were interviewed about how they view gay relationships and laws banning LGBTI rights in the US and the rest of the world. The results will warm your heart.

 [via GSN]

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      The video is a wonderful example of how kids see the world, the same way they see race for example. Babies of different colors have no problem with the obvious color differences. I suspect that what is going through their minds is “Oooooo, all different colors, just like my toys! Let’s play!” And this is the same when it comes to gender or sexual orientation.

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  3. Are these some of the people propounding equality ? Are they the ones of any debate about equality during some equality quest such as now here ? IF so, they are equal. And equally perfect examples of equality. The future of this site is not certain any more than is equality. ( HATE the video. Guess they are to lonely and need to argue uselessly and for get the video. ha ha ha )

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