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  1. Sooooo cute …. and pretty too. I hope this isn’t just a “trap” …. or, let ME put out the trap to catch this lovely one in … :-)

    Thanks for posting him! Maybe one of you can find his website for more pics?

    Who found/submitted it? You usually credit them.

    1. “but not exactly breaking news anymore, he’s 26 in March.”

      Yes, but how old does he look? 16 – 18, TOPS.

      1. Ahh 26yos who look 16… quite a triumph, if you asked me. :-) Worth their weight in gold.

        1. “26yos who look 16… quite a triumph, if you asked me.”

          Not really if they’re in the Eastern & Southeastern Asian regions — it can be fairly “common” … of course, depending on the genetics. And some Latins are “lucky” in that respect as well.

          Ever since I was in Asia many years ago, I’ve [nearly] always added about 5 years to what age they really look like (and this could be from the Caucasian perspective).

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