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  1. Kind of an unfortunate title considering Tony kissed Maxxie against his will and tried to pressure Maxxie into sex.

    1. I’m sure his life was “ruined” by it, just like what happens when girls get pressured (sarcasm)

    2. Have no clue about the context here, and sorry about my ignorance, but someone need to make the first move, right? Is it just me who is too continental or French here, or are people getting more and more sensitive about the energetic and dynamic nature of the the male sexuality? I know this is a controversial subject, not at least in contemporary Anglo-Saxon culture, but sometimes I feel a bit alienated when the public gets too judgmental and shames all clumsy, often non-successful, testosterone-driven attempts of guys and men to get into bed with someone they really desire.

      1. Tony, the aggressor is the neighborhood heartthrob. Maxxie is the openly gay boy of the gang. Tony starts to blow him because he’s done everything else and this is worth a try; Maxxie stops him and happily announces “Well, we’ve finally found something you’re NOT good at.” Hardly a traumatic experience for either of them.

        1. Except that this is while Maxxie is in a very bad emotional state, fearing the loss of his best friend because of his sexuality. So for Tony to try and pressure Maxxie into sex, despite Maxxie saying he isn’t interested, is very fucked. You aren’t supposed to walk away from this scene thinking Tony is a good guy.

  2. At my age, the only thing I like about being gay is kissing. And I’m too old to make it amazing. But that’s what I used to love was kissing a boy.

  3. I gave this series to friends of mine as a Christmas gift. Waiting to hear of what they they never heard of it.

  4. I’ve never [yet] watched this series — either the British or the American — so which is this? British or American?

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