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In middle England, Charlie is a kid with a bright future as a football player, which his rather pushy father Paul is thrilled about. But as puberty dawns, Charlie is beginning to understand something that’s not easy to express: inside, Charlie is a girl stuck in a boy’s body. Her mother Sue and older sister Eve do their best to help, but Paul can’t cope. And neither can Charlie’s best pal Tommy.

The screenplay never simplifies this situation, pulling the audience right into Charlie’s circle of friends and family, which gently confronts us about our reactions on a variety of levels. Meanwhile, Rebekah Fortune directs scenes with an attention to the characters, which internalises the issue while drawing out earthy emotions and some edgy humour. It’s also a rare film that touches honestly on such a range of prejudice, from the subtle (“let’s wait to tell people”) to verbal bullying to hideous physical violence.

The point of the story is that Charlie is still the same person her family and friends have always loved. So the problems are coming from them, not her, as they fight against their own reactions to the fact that she is being true to who she is. It’s a simple point made with bracing authenticity, challenging the viewer to look inside and see that Charlie’s “revelation” is no different than what any of us have to do as we grow up and demand that people accept us for who we are.

Skilfully written, directed and acted, this sensitive British drama tackles a hugely important topic head on, never talking down to the audience. It’s a bold film that encourages the viewer to understand the truth that a trans person is not changing who they are. The film is a cry for compassion that recognises how difficult it can be to overcome outside pressure and do the right thing.

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  1. the fact is like this : even if this boy will undergo Oestrogene Therapy, several surgeries to look like a girl, dressing in girl stuff he will biologically still be a boy. The problem on this matter is, that 99 % of Trans people deny thei biological sex.

    1. No, the problem is that you called it a day after 7th grade biology and now think you know better than actual doctors and scientists who did extensive peer-reviewed research and came to the conclusion that someone’s genitals don’t always define their gender.

      1. GENTALS can not define GENDER because GENDER is a social crate cpming from at least one group of people who speak of GENDER versus GENITAL. GENITALS are biological. GENDER is SOCIAL. If one grows up in a group that trains that one as a zombyrobot, that is what that one will be. If one decides to be a zombyrobot, then that is that one’s choice. Training and Choices are biologically not relevant. MaxRocket either fails to understand those doctors or those doctors are less than accurate, as is often. “MALE” neither equals nor entails “BOY” or “MAN”

  2. And 99% of people with a giant nose and buck teeth are still wonderful people
    What does body build have to do with it?

    Throughout every waking moment your every feeling and every thought is telling you who you are. That’s what counts.

    If you don’t have strength of character or are so beaten down by others to a point where your freedom is imprisoned then quality of life is what?

    Penis brain or vagina head may influence looks and behaviour but certainly do not define the person.

  3. I admire transsexuals (just as I’ve always admired transvestites) and I think they should be accepted as whatever they want to be accepted. If affects no one else, even if one of them is marrying your son or daughter. However, I don’t think they really become the opposite sex to which they were born, but so what?! Why does it matter? As a homosexual, I also don’t believe ALL gays are born gay, but again since there is nothing wrong with being gay, why does it matter how we become gay? We just are and should be accept without question. Bring on the hate; I’m 82 so my opinions may be formed by the generation I was raised in. Whatever . . .

    1. 82 year old bob — YES ! You and others might not care what the eventualities of other’s choices might be. At 82, you might have met a few wierdos, as this writer self describes. Before and during Freud’s time, some doctors insist that homosexuality is a born, but Freud, no longer disagreeing, still wants to know how, Nobody knows why so many F’s end up wanting M’s. nor M’s wanting to fuck F’s. NO BODY KNOWS. They can not figure it for cats nor dogs, either. Do so far figure that what any one human is born as is not equal to what they will become in any society. In that sense, who are any to even care ? As you put it. This creepy writer does care as to the why and how. Do not care, really, about social and personal choices alone. Want to know the why and how. Am very willing to leave them their personal choices. Want nor any fake explains. —- CHAOS gives unto orderliness which has chaos all over it and in it. ✨✨ !! Guarantees have no Guarantees.

  4. 26 Transgender people murdered in the USA for 2018

    Something like for the top 10 world universities 7 are American.
    Superbly educated people.
    And yet the level of ignorance in the country is astonishing. Not so much about life’s mechanics but really a good and improving understanding of humanity is non-existent.

    1. Quote: “And yet the level of ignorance in the country is astonishing. Not so much about life’s mechanics but really a good and improving understanding of humanity is non-existent.”

      Don’t generalize, don’t stereotype, I am not everybody.

      1. Free speech means freedom to get up your nose.
        Your annoyance possibly indicates your recognition of faults that do apply to you.

        None of us are perfect.

      2. Upi: “And yet the level of ignorance in the country [I’ll assume USA] is astonishing.”

        horsey: Don’t generalize, don’t stereotype,
        …………………….. Quote: “

        Me: horsey, just how much college/university training have you had?

  5. 🤪Dang, only PB would remember that moniker!
    (actually it’s 😈Devil; new pad’s not up on current)

  6. I’m still waiting for a movie/TV show producer(s), director(s) to be bold and do school/classroom scenes for either / (both?) middle-school or high-school classrooms with every ‘girl’ in the class(es) are transgendered — without the public knowing in advance just to see how many people can “tell the difference”.

    1. Penboy — You have a fantasy, but, a more than fun one. NEW reality show … force homo males with homo females on a desert island, for a year, and see what happens. This might be BLUE LAGOON (1980) or the mutineers ending on the island killing each other off with progeny anyway. OH ! WOW ! — Some married men and women, with children, do end up finding the difference. Or, finding their difference. There are many stories from witnesses of mammals in the wild doing homosexual things. Fucking is not always particular. The rooster oft “must” end up fucking its egg mother to get it to produce more. Such mother fucking is of the wild and of farms. And house hold pets, too, as do witness from the last cats ever have. Homosexual behavior amongst the wild animals is of witness (not this guy). — Your idea is so fun to think about. THANK YOU.

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