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  1. Am not of complaint ! If this one takes THAT, then they night have no objecting to this little one ! The open hole looks so NICE
    1- Does not equal the base ball bat.
    2- Be wary of snakes wanting warmth and a meal and having a motility to go in and get out … some snakes never leave … some CAN NOT leave.
    3- Some fisticuffers are evil and will use their fingers to rip you inside out … how ever well the lubricating. Some want hurt and some want to damage and some want to kill. The very manicure glove oil guy in Detroit is not yet of a find 7 bodies later. Some swear that fist is their best.
    4- There are those who want to RIP your ass hole. They say so. They understand not the issue nor the tissue. the common fantasy is virgin blood. &c
    5- A joke … black open holes lead to other universes and one has to ask what happens to the hole once one goes through ? ha ha ha

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