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  1. ho ody hiding but crotch de-clouding out. Fragile Fantasy Female Fairies, such can, yes, they can, and want to bleed, and this they not not not break, but wont to work hard into tier hood & breed … ha ha ha ha ha . *´¨`* 💙 💙 ☀ ☀ ਉ ۩ ۩ ✥ ✥ ✥ ♋

  2. Do desire to see the face. Do want such’s eyes to see eyes see it’s being of a play As if.
    — Song: I’ll Always Be in Love with You written by Bud Green …
    The song I’ll Always Be in Love with You was written by Bud Green, Sam H. Stept and Herman Ruby and was first recorded and released by Morton Downey in 1929. It was covered by Jan Savitt and His Tophatters, Eddie Cole [GB], Joe Williams & Count Basie, …
    — WAY before …
    — WILL always love dick.

    1. Pleeeeze forgive the key. MEANING is the 1923 movie with that song. Typical t5wo finger bad typing. The song is, even, now, newly aware, is before the 1923 movie.

  3. While this cock is beautiful (what cock in hand is not?), and appears straight and round and not too thick (nice tight balls), I am told that cocks with curves are better for stimulating ‘G’ spots and prostate glands (makes sense to me).

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