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PSA: Do not, under any circumstances, let strangers fuck you without protection. It’s a great way to catch a nasty STD. No matter how much they promise you to be clean, it’s never worth the risk. Your health is worth more than any orgasm.

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  1. Josh,

    First, thanks for the PSA – totally agree. My partner & I fuck BB. We use condoms with everyone else. Happily, we go though a lot of condoms! Being on PreP is no excuse; that will not stop the increasingly virulent strains of syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis & other STDs that are becoming prevalent. Use protection, always.

    Second, OMFG!!!!! Where are beautiful boys like this when I’m looking? I could fuck him better than that doofus (OK… I’m just insanely jealous).

    Hot video!

  2. This reminds of bus stop, bus station alley ways, big train station mens rooms and the whores do see. Some do know. Do not think that THIS is a real like such but think it is a may be it is a sort of play. FUN reminder of older stuff do know for real. 🍫 =?

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