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  1. I remember when coworker an cuddlebuddy C. and I did some naked hankypanky in the file room. Sweet memories.

  2. It seems the only people that ever post comments here are pretty random. I wish I could get a response from that sweet boy

  3. Can not know what this selfie picture has as intent. Co-workers might have different reactings to ours’. .

  4. @Kitsune, any guy who takes and posts such a picture would enjoy having it shared on a site like MB. He’s clearly body- and sex-positive, neither ashamed nor shy.

    He likes his body, else he wouldn’t have stripped & taken the pic.

    He also enjoys showing it off, else he wouldn’t have posted the pic to the internet where Josh could find it.

    Sexting & posting nude selfies is becoming a “thing” for people born in the 21st C. The stigma and potential for negative repercussions is lower than for older generations. There’s still risk, but it declines as the phenomenon grows.

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