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  1. May be this gets not a safe ride now a days. Might have to play as if some bloody emergency. Would you pick up any one ? You might drive on and call for help for that which you see but pass on by. WOODS ELVES no longer do this to get a feed but go to accidents to get food. Some drivers might fall for this in spite of warnings. Many a stop to help comes to a different sort of help n the past. NICE show !

  2. I would pick him up in an instant. I just don’t see hitchhikers anymore. To bad. There are some great hitchhiker stories out there over the years which are fun to read.

  3. I have done this (yes, naked) and had some really interesting results, but not sure I would on today’s highways. I would probably pick him up, though. It’s a selfie, so you’d just have be careful he didn’t have anyone else waiting….

  4. HEY ! None of this is real for 2019. Will may be believe some pick up of some one as of 1980. Not after that. A hard on might get a ride in 1950 and 1960 but not later. After the hippies and zippies there is a violent reality for truckers. — No one naked except under strange arrangement at any time. — This all is a nice fantastic. NICE fantasia. ! ! ! … not real. Oh ! the fantasies are real … ha ha ha …

  5. Well if he really wanted to get “picked up”, he needed to stand Under the Streetlight! Then you’d see someone Hit the Brakes!!! LOL

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