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  1. FemDomMommy? This is someone who really likes to change the rules mid-bdsm play without checking in. She gets REALLY UNHAPPY when you point this out, too. She will become melodramatic and claim she “cried” if you note how often she loses the plot. What she does is this–when a sub “disobeys” (withdraws authority or calls yellow) mid-scene, she arbitrarily decides she is in a position to punish. she is not. she needs to confirm that this is part of play and her punishment is not play or meant to be play. She is not a competent dom. Referencing her is an epic fail. FemDomMommy is a counter-example of how a good dom behaves.

  2. Ugh. Correction. She respects safewords. She does not respect withdrawal or hesitation or refusal and insists she has authority no one ever gives her.

    Damn, I wish there was an edit feature here.

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