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  1. Personally, I don’t get performance art or interpretive dance but looks like the kid has some talent and I hope he goes onto bigger things later.

    Side note, there were lots of girls in the audience who just didn’t seem to want to be there.

  2. Wonderful…
    His personality shone bright for me and so many nuances going on non-stop throughout. There wasn’t a part of him that wasn’t dancing. Watched it five times now. LOL – captivated…

    As to bubble head audience girls — that’s the nature of the beast… junior dance involves predominantly girls and doting disinterested parents just doing the expected right thing for darling daughter.
    I’d guess the audience was filled with all the local mom n pop dance classes – age range 4 years to 18 years. Hence, lotta disturbance and no empathy with a real dancer.

    I’m sure he’s well experienced with that kind of thing and impervious to such crap.

    I just think his excellent performance delivered with skill and emotion likely blows away any girls … hahahaha
    Proof of male supremacy…… :) :) :)

    Sincerely hoping he’s gay and can join our club of above average people in the world.

    1. “join our club of above average people in the world.”

      Thank you. (I just couldn’t resist. :-) )

      I thought he was very good at his dancing. It’s just too difficult to decipher their stories — What YOU may think could be very different than what ‘story’ the dancer is trying to ‘show’.

      1. Abstract art / Abstract dance
        Is there ever any story?

        The connection the artist makes with you is everything. What you receive from the artist is totally personal, just to you alone. Make your own story…. it won’t be the same for everyone.

        1. While I understand what you say, I don’t necessarily agree with it. Pretty much at least 90% of what and why an artist is doing it is to tell THEIR story — be it written, singing, dancing, acting — otherwise, why would they even get involved in art to begin with? Art by its definition is to imprint THEIR image or story onto the receiver.

  3. Aside from striptease, I have no use for modern dance, or even ballet for that matter. For me, dance is either a tool of courtship and interpersonal drama, recreation for those already attached, or an artistic genre of erotic entertainment.
    I concede that dancers like Joziah German are true ‘artist-athletes.’
    Look closely at him – he’s very handsome, and given his mouthwatering physique, would be an amazing lover.

  4. The person dancing here is not making any statement but to show their own ability to move variously. OH ! Is this one a mover and a shaker and a swinging bodily show off !
    —- This Joziah German might just want to submit to a personal sexual clasping. But not by any one of us, do figure.
    — NICE performance. The music, this shows, is irrelevant to their movements and our enjoyment !

  5. I was born with two left feet. Me walking onto a dance floor ensures everyone else
    quickly leaves. Therefore this lad’s physical prowlness is quite impressive to a bungler like me.

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