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  1. fake, nellie, plastic.. pure affectation. Wish people could just be themselves instead of these fake creations.

  2. I am amazed. He is a lovely, gorgeous looking boy, it is sad that he feels he is ugly and needs to be a girl.

  3. I wish people could be themselves too, whichever selves they choose in whichever ways they choose to do it. It’s really not for the rest of us to judge them. Fake creations indeed! We’re all fake creations to some degree in this patriarchal image-obsessed mess of a world.

  4. I’m not surprised every comment is implying this boy feels like he isn’t being himself or that he feels ugly.

    Like fuck, don’t you maybe, just maybe feel like this form of expression is for him, in fact, him being himself?

    I hate old, narrow-minded faggots. You like em fem and twinky, just not too fem or too girly huh?

  5. Unless you have traveled his road, you have no idea what he feels, likes and needs to be. He is beautiful either way. The ability to transform from a hot boy to a beautiful girl takes real talent. He is going to be just fine, adjusted, confident and certainly ready to take on whatever is thrown at him.

    1. Except that he hasn’t transformed himself. He’s just in disguise. It’s a misrepresentation designed to fool … himself? … someone else? … everyone else? If it isn’t just for fun, he’s a hot mess between the ears.

    2. “The ability to transform from a hot boy to a beautiful girl takes real talent.”

      Talent? No, it’s a hell of a lot more than any “talent” — without his naturally good looks, all the “talent” in the world couldn’t make him look THAT GOOD with just make-up and long hair.

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