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  1. The few ex-military gays do meet do say that gays are there in and of the there in. YES SIR. Get up and get it.n. Give it. Yes. Sir. Am attenuating a real. This model needs a hair cut. A 4th of . BANG BANG BAND NAG as noe here this minurt. Too close to tippy tap rite

      1. 40% only. The ‘HE’ takes the nostrum. His bleeding ass hole. ‘YES ! SIR ! ‘do most yell to. Some are of similar of awareness. Some cum bun shots make you aware he is there way later. Way less than 40% are ever so aware. Way less are there those who are some wandering dick victims. There are more than a mere few who give a remembrance of their arrival. Niether are gay / str8. Do witness, with these lying eys, but these fingers being honest now, military homo rape. See so they do it in public in front of theses eyes thrice. Down town Louisville Kentucky. One of those soldiers ends up in the local down town black bar as a white whore. As they say, make it bleed. — want to know a bout shrooms ? Slang for illegal military share.

        1. There used to be a homeless (?) guy in Manhattan in the 1950’s who left nonsense (?) quotes around the city. My favorite was: “Quakers told the stone quarry it couldn’t grow mushrooms.”

          1. Quakers makie Philadelphia &c..They are not like the pure puritans who kill each other who do save their black slaves. Quakers do not know as slave owners. some comming on as Quakers as muxroom sellers ? THAT id anudder strow. [ THAT is another monster story ] . Groves of south Philadelphia engender mush & mushrooms. Pigs like it there too. YES, there is a SOUTH PHILADEPHIA history of drugs. You creeps are aware of that as followers of this think.

  2. The South Philadelphia salt mines mushrooms farms make what are not as tasty as the wild ones off the former South Philadelphia swamps and are no more of what is now left over.. Am of the former Navy Base of SOUTH PHILADELPHIA and do wander Roosevelt Park and aound SOUTH Philadelphia. That is not of as its first BUT do definitely come to be aware of it through to the 1960 and 1970 days, as a more than one place to find gay mushrooms.

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