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It’s 1994 and there’s no internet, so when closeted 14-year-old Jack Hoffman hears about a stash of gay porn hidden across town, he decides to brave the bully infested streets of his small New Jersey town, in hopes of getting what he wants. What happens over the course of the day will change everything.

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  1. no. Not a good story. 0 out of 0-to-4 rate. Not even a decent nor good try.

    1. Yeah, that was really bad … and this story has been told so many times before, how could this win an “award”?

  2. Cute. An ‘oldie but a cutie’ story/video. And his buddy, Sammy [Georgie DeNoto] is definitely the cutest one.

    Also interesting in this post, after the Troye Sivan post about the older-younger hookups — this kid, “Jack” is the very same — looking for and turning on to older guys by at least 5 years [more].

    1. A reason youth will look for older playmates is that many young people are immature, of course, and hesitant and therefore not very participatory and often selfish when they will participate. Older can have more experience and therefore may get to the point quicker and be more fulfilling. I remember meeting a future boyfriend on the street. We had talked for just several minutes when I realized his running shorts had started poking out at me. Whether he knew it or not, he was obviously interested in me and I wasn’t one to hesitate, so we took it from there.
      Also, it is healthy for youth to be interested in older playmates as in only a short time that will be who are their peers and who they may settle in with, so it is good for them to imprint on older mates.

      1. And if a contemporary blabs, which he’s quite likely to, you’re in deep shit. Not much chance, if any, with that happening with an older person.

  3. Yeh great little short there and definitely a change from the usual formula tales. Cute young and old guys. Loved it!

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