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  1. He’s still got his voice and good looks, I hope he makes something for him out of the former and someone happy with the latter! What was supposed to be his formative years almost ended up being destructive, I am glad he left all this behind and seems to be on a better path now.

  2. Still has a great voice. But he needs to STOP with that idiotic lip filler — they look absolutely alien on him. Why screw around when you already had/have good looks?

    Professionally, he did much better than Ronan — even from the beginning although Ronan had a beautiful folk/ballad voice. Jack’s voice is more “Pop” and the big “Hollywood musical” style.

  3. Do dare anyone to find and then show Ronan Parke as ever risky [ other than in this writer’s bed, ha ha Such would make a risky but not him at any risk !! ]. SHOW ! [ This Jack Vidgen is not interesting to this. ]

  4. I guess like many others I wasn’t aware Jack had walked away from making music. He certainly still has a voice. I suspect he will do well through this process. (I can just imagine some of the hell he may have run into as a solo twink in LA. There’s no way a youngster can possibly be prepared for that.)

    1. “There’s no way a youngster can possibly be prepared for that.”

      Or you can just take it in stride as I did when I was 19 (in L.A.). I think the “problems” begin “from within” by expecting too much of the location/culture where you are or want to be.

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