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There is one worry that almost every teen and pre-teen seems to struggle with: Is my dick big enough? Much to the delight of some of their friends who make sure not to miss that opportunity to satisfy their urges to get naked with them, only for comparison of course ;) It’s a worry that no one should despair over though because in almost all cases it does indeed get bigger.

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  1. What’s with this “PENIS = JUNK = SHIT” in today’s lingo? Can’t we talk about it more intelligently than that?

    And this video, with all their swearing, they say … “Is how ‘god’ made me right?”

    Really? Discussing biology and then introducing the bullshit of “god” to even further confuse young teens?

    I’d rate this video as: Not worth the time to watch it.

  2. Penboy by the your respond, I think your penis never grew bigger. That’s okay, some people like small penises.

    1. Ah, that’s why he’s always so angry, he’s microphallic and hates god because of it .

      I like a smol penis, they get so hard.

      1. kinkynuts:
        “I like a smol penis, they get so hard.”

        What’s a “smol penis?”

        Is it the penis on The Boy In The Striped Pajamas?

    2. You and the idiot that responded to you:

      Where in my post did I mention penis size?

      Oh, yeah, that’s right …. I didn’t.

      And people question me about my statement of the unchecked immaturity of the people who come here?

      Yeah, that’s right …. you all have an itch in your ass so go ahead and down vote me ….. we all know it’s so you can complete your immature cycle.

      And, just for fun, I’ve never had any complaints about my penis. Not because of “size” either. I just offered quality.

      Have fun. :-) (Wow! talk about click-bait!)

      1. See, always so angry.

        Still, I’d hate god too if I hadn’t seen my stubby little winky in 30 years.

        1. kinkynuts:

          You consistently prove that you are the most immature of all that come in here.

          Well done. We will count the seconds until you [and the other babies] come here for the sole purpose to down vote me. Go for it.

  3. Never mind Penboy’s dick – we’re all still waiting for his testicles to drop. I have a love-hate relationship with cock size. Big ones are visually compelling and awesome to feel and jack, but smaller ones are easier and more fun to deep throat and …

  4. “Is how god made me right?”
    ❦Even though this video is meant as straight up satire the god line really wasn’t totally necessary less they meant to yank little believer’s chains too… Considering its off the wall topic who knows what the writers were thinking but there’s no question they meant it to be funny and not taken seriously by anyone especially young questioning growing boys.

    Here’s the sequel if anyone’s inerested:

    1. Correction:
      Here’s the sequel if anyone’s inerested:
      ~Sorry, the edit clock beat me on ‘interested’😀

  5. Big, small, I love them all. I know old saying there. Big ones are nice to look at and feel, but I never want one up you know where. I am a top and have been my entire life. Except two times when I was younger. However, I have been seeing on the DL this really nice young guy, started after he turned 18. He is now 20. We have been off and on and usually our time consists of laying facing each other and just feeling each other. I usually blow him right away, at 18, 19 he is always good for two times. Then we take out time working up to his second time and my first time. The last time we met, he turned the tables on my as as I was laying on my back he tried to mount me. Something he has never attempted before. I asked him if that is what he wanted to do and he said yes. So throwing my better judgement out the window about bottoming, I let him in. Was not bad at all. But he is only 5.5 to maybe 6 and slim. Fit right in nicely. He has never said anything about his smaller penis and I of course never did. As I think his is just right for anything. So he is one of the guys that his did grow more, but only slightly. He can come over anytime, small penis and all.

  6. Actually, if and when you actually think about penis size, it’s just another proof that there is in fact, NO “god”.

    Why would any “god create” one male with a 12″ erection and another with a 2-1/2″ erection — if he really “needs” humanity to “be fruitful and multiply”? Multiply? More disparaging penis sizes to be laughed at and ridiculed? Really?

    1. “The smaller the penis the larger the vehicle. ”

      And as many rifle racks as they can fit in it.

  7. —sigh— satirical humor is soooo lost in the forum …. there is an interesting psychological dynamic in play …. I found the video (and the second one) hysterical!

  8. so wrong, yet so funny

    especially when she says, “it really might not”

    but so wrong

    “It will get better…”

    PS. isn’t it ‘fun’ to give Penboy the old thumbs down.
    Sorry pen dude but you have been asking for it for years.
    No hate :)

    the sequel:

    even better,

    but so wrong…

    1. fbfb:
      “PS. isn’t it ‘fun’ to give Penboy the old thumbs down. Sorry pen dude but you have been asking for it for years. No hate :)”

      You just PROVE exactly what I said. And you’re a fucking LIAR. And, the TRUTH hurts.

      Don’t like it? Fuck you.

      1. No seriously, I thought using the word ‘fun’ in inverted commas would show I was using my ‘sense of humour’, and not trying to be mean. I was trying to indicate I was being funny, not mean.

        I do realise humour (the correct UK English spelling, where I am from and therefore the way I spell; doesn’t mean other spellings are wrong, just different and we all embrace difference here, don’t we?) is the hardest thing to express in words in on-line comment and between nationalities, where subtle variations in tone, emphasis, and meaning can, and do, get lost.

        “Well done. We will count the seconds until you [and the other babies] come here for the sole purpose to down vote me. Go for it.”

        So I did as you asked (I thought – I assumed – ‘you’ were kidding)…

        Still, you seem to have proved my (light hearted) point.

        Again, no hate :) That is a two way thing.

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