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  1. 👏A very dedicated young dancer who not only speaks well for his art but for himself too… Carry on Gabe!

  2. Good for him. I’m curious to what area of the country he’s in. Hopefully it’s not in the “bible belt” (or even the “rust belt”) — and it’s in a more liberal area so he can pursue this without too much harassment and others will recognize the athletics as well as the art in ballet dancing.

  3. While some of the Milkboys crowd may like this because it seemingly breaks gender stereotypes, I feel like most appreciate it because of the likelihood of the ballet boy being gay. If this is true, then such a video appearing in this site is only reinforcing such stereotypes :/

    1. I think if YOU believe this boy must be gay because he likes dance, thats just you embracing old stereotypes.

      If this was a video of a young girl on soccer team, you wouldn’t assume she must be gay.

      We often project our opinion and assume its everyone else as well. I liked this video because it talks about boys breaking the tight confined gender box that is forced on us, unlike the roles for women which is far more flexible yet society allows them to keep their gender identity intact.

      1. Well then why isn’t this site filled with examples of girls playing soccer breaking gender stereotypes?

        I’ll tell you why: because its not as gay.

  4. He’s absolutely right about the amount of work and discipline required to be a good dancer and, while he’ll never be a tackle, he’d probably make a helluva quarterback were he so inclined.

  5. Gabe is a victim of bogus feminist social constructs, not reality. A boy ballet dancer isn’t breaking any stereotypes – there have always been male ballet dancers. Knock yourself out finding a ballet composer who ever penned an all-female ballet. Knock yourself out trying to find any ballet where the male performers were playing a gay character. Knock yourself out trying to find a classical ballet plot involving any gay issue whatsoever. There’s nothing gay about ballet.

    OK, now that you’re out of the emergency room and all patched up, relax and chill. I’m sure there have been homosexual dancers – male and female. I’m sure that somewhere, at some time, they were notorious. Show me any genre of the arts that isn’t planted thick with gays, with the possible exception of heavy-metal rock hair bands from the 80s, and country-western performers. (Queer musicians usually ended up in some form of alternative rock, or full-wuss ‘pop.’)

    Only in the paranoid-schizophrenic, radicalized and polarized social justice delusions of useful idiots of the totalitarian-progressive agenda do normal people stereotype ballet dancers as anything but talented, dedicated, and highly skilled performers. Give us a break, and give us some credit.

  6. There’s no reason to argue over whether ballet dancers are gay or not unless you consider being gay a negative. I was a dancer for 30 years (not ballet) and I’ve met both straight and gay ballet dancers; what difference does it make what the ratio is.

  7. Beautiful video. Smart, hardworking and articulate. Problem with boys in ballet is that more boys really should be encouraged not to be afraid to try it, but, on the other hand, the one boy in the studio is getting all the attention while the rest of the dancers–girls–are NOT the subject of a video. Wish we could allow all our children to follow their passions without negative consequences AND give each of them their due for putting in so much work.

  8. Except for the first sentence and last paragraph, I *gasp* agree with Horselips. Not proud of it tho…

  9. Ballet represents strength, grace and beauty in the human form and its movements, put to usually quite beautiful music. But in America, we discourage ballet among males, particularly before, during and right after puberty.

    Instead, we [America] encourage the complete opposite and proceed to psychologically and emotionally force young males into one of the most disgusting “sports” — [American] football. What is graceful and beautiful about having males put on a variety of plastic, rubber and heavy material “armor” all over their bodies just to practice field violence with nothing to show for it other than pushing a pigskin “ball” down a field? And in the process, permanently ruin many males’ brains and skulls, not mention so many other pretty important bones in their bodies.

    What is the lifetime accomplishment of American football? Sportsmanship? Hardly. How is “organized violence” sportsmanship? Look what happens when a referee miscalls a move as another example of the violence — even if it’s only verbal.

    Do ballet dancers act this way — either on stage or even in the general public? I think ballet (as just an example) encourages and teaches much better “sportsmanship.”

    1. America doesn’t discourage ballet at all. Ballet just never caught on over here as it did in the old world. Just like soccer, curling, and cricket aren’t as popular in the New World as baseball, football and basketball. And just like our favorite sports aren’t as popular in the Old World or the Third World. Tastes in everything vary from place to place, including entertainment. Europeans don’t square dance, and Americans don’t waltz much. Etc., etc., etc.

    2. “America doesn’t discourage ballet at all. Ballet just never caught on over here as it did in the old world.”

      Bullshit. How many male ballet dancers did you know in middle or high school. I’m pretty sure it’s NONEjust as it was for me. In fact, we not only discourage ballet for boys, Americans outright denigrate it, both publicly and privately [even more so]. Which makes that one episode of Glee that does the dance [“Single Ladies”] before he kicks the final field goal even more appropriate (and funny too).

      Yes, some of what you said is true, but also the denigration of ballet and other “feminine” dances and sports/entertainment — which we’re finally crawling out of our cocoon and finding out that the American audiences actually LIKE these types of performances — even for comedy’s sake.

  10. @Garou
    🙇🏼No it’s not Gabe from above but it’s a very sweet video and I love the dancer boy, thanks!

  11. One of my 17yo guy friends is a ballet dancer and he owns it so well. Will send him this vid.

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