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  1. Is this surf and sex ? Or, is it surf as sexual ? Is the sea, the surf, the one, and the roar of the waves of a sexual interpretive / interperatate ? Looks as if the one does not want to be sexy. Looks as if the one is as if a neuter … yet … but … ???

  2. Too amateurish and gimmicky — 1) those reverse surfing shots and 2) the out of focus on the surfer. A better, more professional approach is to do close ups and in slow motion if you really want to emphasize a particular surfing ‘move’. The wide shot could/should have been on a support (tripod) and the [to be, professional style] close-ups could be hand-held if necessary and then the slow-motion applied in the editing.

    And there is no excuse for out of focus as he did — he’s clearly able to produce good footage and there was no “storyline” for the out of focus.

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