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  1. ❦Very nice, his little brother is not only precious but his brothers biggest fan,
    so sweet to have a close relationship like they have especially nowadays.
    ~Thanks Mattias, haven’t visited BGT for awhile but now I’ll be checking back more often…ヅ

  2. Isaac Waddington, 15 year old, is young and sort of cute, but that all ends there. The song he sings is a wing but his singing is not part of its fly. There is no airborne to his singing. He looks nothing like a real cute nor even a handsome. He does not ‘do it’ for me. Ah – Well – he tries. Good to do that. Try and learn. Join the army? :-)

      1. @Brandur:
        “The Murican answer to everything that is “join the army” Learn to kill.”

        I realize that “Murican” is your incredibly disrespectful way of saying, “America[n]”, but since Isaac is in GB, he’s not likely to join any American Army, so therefore, he won’t be (with your second ‘jab’ at America), “learning to kill”. Hopefully, he will be seeing a voice coach and improve his high notes — then he could be much better.

        1. Htaerbsinep, respect has to earned and all amerika has earned is the rest of the World’s contempt!

          1. You know, the British put out a great news cast (BBC), great entertainment on TV and movies and I think, honestly try to continue being a great contributor to the English culture, education and entertainment so much that our own PBS tries to emulate them.

            So, kinkynuts, what the fuck happened with you and your “brain” — why are you the opposite of all that and just contiune to show such animosity towards anything American? You really should see a decent ‘shrink’ — but, to “unshrink” your brain.

    1. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re a troll and not a brain-dead a-hole.

    2. @Copycat

      Would be a good thing is you turned on your speakers instead of lip reading. The kid isn’t perfect at the moment but he has that seed within him that could very well turn him into a true artist.

  3. I really liked his voice, but I wasn’t so fond of his singing. He might have just been nervous, but I feel like he croaked a bit too much.
    It was really nice to see how much the brothers adored each other, though. It’s clear to see that his little brother very much looks up to him.

    1. @Konoha:

      I’m somewhat with you on this. I do like joshua’s description of his voice: smoky. He started the song sounding good, but when he went into the ‘highs’, he went noticeably off-key — he doesn’t handle ‘falsettos’ well at all. I wouldn’t say he “croaked,” but to me, more like “shrieked” a bit when he tried those high notes.

      1. @Penboy

        I suspect that a lot of people couldn’t get Joel’s voice out of their minds. Still, I agree that he does need a voice coach, but then again, He still made me like him.

  4. I’m not a big fan of Billy Joel, but if I was cruising an adult arcade and this boy snuck in with a false ID – I would blow him in a heartbeat.

  5. It’s refreshing to see someone not pretty up there singing. Not that he’s bad looking, he’s just a normal decent looking guy. That little brother though, sheesh. He got all the pretty genes for sure. Loved to see him cry and smile while Isaac played. Hope the boy goes far. I am not one to criticize a voice, all I can sing is punk, I just thought it was very good.

    1. Well, I took a look at his Twitter and was surprised to see that he is rocking a pretty decent body. With that shapeless garment he was wearing I thought he might have been a little heavy or something but there are shirtless pics and he’s certainly not. Why do boys dress to make themselves look worse? lol

  6. I so very seldom drop comments on postings like this, mostly because I don’t want to sound cheeky. But, it really does drive me crazy when I hear some of these armchair critics pontificating on facets of artistry and musicianship. So, although I am sure that I’ll receive some grief for this, I’m going to submit this thought. “She’s Always a Woman to Me” is about a guy who has been scorched by a woman – and yet still feels compelled to admire and even love her. Billy Joel performs it typically with a rolling accompaniment and a vocal that has resignation, and maybe even a little bit of anger in it. What is extraordinary about this kid’s performance is the very different interpretation. The piano accompaniment is simplified and understated. Instead of sardonic resignation, there is hurt and vulnerability and confusion in his singing. Contrary to others comments, I love the higher registration, the almost plaintive tone — and then resolving into that smoky sadness when he sings, “she just changes her mind.” This was a GREAT performance, by someone who gave an old standard a new, emotional potency. (And now, I’ll take my shots from the gallery)

    1. @Bagoas

      No shots from me. A very good critique of his performance. Still, a voice coach will make him so much better.

    2. I agree, and one of the things I’ve come to realize this year watching American Idol (who still watches that besides me) is that the judges are hearing a different level of sound quality than us. I’ve seen it time and time again where judges rave and I’m left thinking I heard a terribly off pitch song. So, I cut them some slack and just enjoy the show.

      1. The problem I see with American singers is that that rely too much on voice coaches and this makes all their singers sound the same to me.

    3. Hey Bagoas, not a comment on your comment per se but just wanted to say hi since we are historically related. First time I’ve seen your comment follow mine, or vice versa. Have a good day!

  7. His little brother is so moved and sweet .
    Not to forget cute …. <3

    He looks a bit like Ronan Parke .

  8. @daeddei
    ❦Thank you for the link, the family sailing together was nicely done.
    “Who Am I” was especially cute was when he and his brother Jack
    fun on his tearing up during Isaac’s performance @1.08

    Far as his singing goes his choral skills seemed up to snuff
    a few years ago when he was named ‘Young Chorister of the Year’
    in the national competition run by BBC Radio 2:

    I was reminded of Ronan too, especially his sweetness.

    Sidebar: @milkboys
    Please look into what’s up with the reply button,
    it doesn’t seem to be working properly. Thanks

  9. Isaac Waddington joining the army is put there with a smile: It means grow up another way. He aint got it for me, period. I enjoy all attempts at public performance. I been there and done that. My failure is also part of my learning and my living and my moving on is another matter, a new. But I do not like Isaac Waddington and that is that. That is also me. As for the USA, I would like another country to be a sainthood-nation, which the USA aint. Neither is any other country a saint nation … and not anything close. milkboys is a community for queer folks & their friends. Whatever age, gender or sexual preference you rock, you’re welcome to hang out with us & connect with people all over the world without worrying about prejudices. Welcome home. Good, bad, in between, whatever.

    I give thanks to this site.

  10. Wonderfully performed :)
    I hope he doesn’t get a voice coach. That would probably make him sound like any singer.
    I don’t desire perfectionism in music, that is better done by a computer or robot.
    I rather like like to sense feelings and spontaneousness.

  11. He could be this generations Stevie Winwood. If you don’t know him, he .became a supestar at 16. Isaac is clearly very talented. This is the kind that someone is born with. This voice at his age is a blessing. There’s some thought in the performance, but also a lot of instinct.The thing that no one has commented on is that, the norm for BGT is to have the audience screaming though the song. Isaac kept the audience quietly in their seats until he was finished, at which point they jumped up yelling. That, for me is the sign of a very powerful performance. (Watch Simon looking around at the audience at the end.)

    1. @Oaksong

      Actually, when he finished there was this silence before they finally applauded. They were actually waiting for more. That’s how mesmerized they were. Takes talent to do that. Now, after having given it more listening I think the problem is with the tempo in his singing. Some vocals lasting a tad too long. That’s where the vocal coach would come it to correct that part.

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