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  1. If you Google the little darling, there is a vid of him on his family’s boat in just a pair of shorts – very hot.

  2. Isaac is talented but his little brother Jack is even cuter. I fully understand how Simon got them mixed together.

  3. Pretty song, quite heartfelt. Losing to a pooch won’t slow this boy down, I’m sure he’ll stick with his music and stay quite visible on YouTube.

    ❦Simon’s fumble clearly says he loves Jack…as do we all, he’s such a cutie!

    Here’s a short vid that I sent last time which includes him and his brother Jack teasing each other plus some song clips:

    Also the sailing video mentioned above of him and his family having a lovely afternoon topside:

  4. He’s talented enough, but I only watched his semi and final performances for glimpses of his brother.

  5. I like the dog too, he was amazing by far the best singer in all the season but he was a little cocky after the performances he seems like he didn’t care probably he was just nervous

  6. It was pretty clear from the audition that Simon was seeing dollar signs. He’ll be getting a million pound contract after about a year of grooming and getting new songs written for him. Just Google him with “syco” to watch the chatter.

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