Is being Straight a Myth?

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This just in: A new study published by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has found that “fully straight” people don’t actually exist.

Researchers looked as the eyeballs of straight-identifying men to determine just how straight they actually were. Turns out, every single one of them was just a wee bit gay.

“It’s basically a study that assesses sexual orientation by looking at the eyes and whether they dilate or not,” Ritch C. Savin-Williams, the Director of Developmental Psychology and the Director of the Sex and Gender Lab in the Department of Human Development at Cornell University, told Broadly.

He continues, “You can’t control your eye dilation. Essentially, that’s what the whole project attempts to get at, another way of assessing sexuality without relying on self report.”

Savin-Williams and his team closely monitored the eye dilation of men while showing them a range of pornographic imagery.

“We show straight men a picture of a woman masturbating and they respond just like a straight guy, but then you also show them a guy masturbating and their eyes dilate a little bit. So we’re actually able to show physiologically that all guys are not either gay, straight, or bi.”

So what does this all mean?

“There are aspects [of male sexuality] along a continuum, just as we have always recognized with women,” Savin-Williams says. “Men have gotten so much cultural crap put on them that even if a man does have some sexual attraction to guys, they would never say it.”

Savin-Williams says another way of monitoring responses would be by monitoring a person’s genital arousal, but, he says “that gets a little invasive.” So they just stuck to their eyeballs.

Savin-Williams adds that while the study once again confirms that sexuality operates on a spectrum, it also finds that it’s not a binary system, which means that while someone can’t be 100% straight, they also can’t be 100% gay either.

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  1. A woman masturbating? How could they see if my pupils dilate or not after I faint? ;)

    More seriously, there are other reasons for a straight guy being aroused by a picture of another guy masturbating, like self-identification to the person shown and the pleasure he experiences, “safely” checking him out for comparison, a long time without sex so any sex will do, pure sex really has no taboo or gender in its definition, only when you prefix it with “straight” or “gay”.

    I occasionally find some woman stunning and even arousing, why couldn’t a straight guy react in the same way for another guy. I would still prefer to “pécho un gossebo,” to bang a cute guy, as they say in French. Well, rather as they say in the suburbs where they speak verlan, words in inverted syllables.

    French gay rapper Eddy de Pretto may not be very “pretto” for some, he chose his name with a great self-irony, but he denounces and sings beautifully about the male education and environmental system in his song “Kid”, where he repeats “you will be virile my kid” and the chorus “virilité abusive”.

    Google-translated lyrics:
    You will be manly my kid
    I do not want to see any tears slip on this heroic mouth
    And this body all carved to reach fantastic heights
    That only a reverie could surpass
    You will be manly my kid
    I do not want to see any female ounce
    Neither airs nor gestures that mean
    And god knows, if these are still the worst to come
    Castrer for some vocalises
    You will be manly my kid
    Far from you, these tactical finesses
    All these women origins who feminise your guises
    Under the pretext of being the faithful messiah of this dear archaic model
    You will be manly my kid
    You will hold, in your hands, the iconic inheritance of Apollo
    And like all boys, you will run balloons champion
    And will become my little historical hero
    Abusive masculinity …

    Check also his song “La fête de trop” (a party too many) where he describes how he copes with his lack of success among gay guys because his physical appearance is not the expected canon of male beauty. Never mind if you don’t understand the lyrics, these two songs are powerful enough regardless.

  2. QUOTE: “This just in: A new study published by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has found that “fully straight” people don’t actually exist.”
    Well duh. So, what else is new?

    “There are no eternal facts, as there are no absolute truths.” – Nietzsche
    “Moderation in all things” – Hesiod (and Plautus)

    Everybody has preferences, but a preference is exactly that – just a “rather” or a “druther” – not an exclusive. Among featherless bipeds, preferences abound. I prefer a porterhouse steak, but I’ll settle for a carne seca chimichanga, or a loaded pizza. You get the idea.

    When it comes to human interaction, very often it comes down to “any port in a storm.” In half a century of cocksucking, if I had a nickel for every ‘straight’ guy I gave a blow job to, I’d have at least enough for a full tank of gas, and maybe even an oil change as well.

    As a confirmed bisexual, my sexual preference is inclusive and universal, lately 80% gay (I have only one female FWB), but my relationship preference, which is something else entirely, is straight. I can be best friends and bedmates with other men, but for romance, my preference is for a woman. I’ve had lots of male “friends with benefits,” but never a true boyfriend I was in romantic love with. Lust, even hero-worship when I was young, but that’s it. I’ve had lots of girlfriends, even been in love with a few of them. Married one, and had kids. Go figure. (I’m sure some shrink would say I was only fooling myself, but that’s for another post.)

    For a “study” to trumpet ‘new findings’ that were already obvious to everybody past puberty is laughable.

    1. Thank you for this post. This is exactly how I feel, and have never been able to express it so succinctly. I consider myself bisexual. I’m capable of being sexually attracted to basically anyone, which is nice. :D

      However, like you, I only seem to find or desire romantic relationships with women. I’ve never had a boyfriend, nor do I really want one. I always imagine myself getting married to a woman, having kids etc.

      Now if only I can find a woman that won’t mind finding gay porn in the Search History…

    2. “I can be best friends and bedmates with other men, but for romance, my preference is for a woman.”

      That shows just how the brainwashing of “religion” has taken over your mind: what the fuck does “romance” have that best friends and bedmates doesn’t have? Think about that (with your head out of that fucking bible).

      1. I feel the same way he does, and am about as far from religious as possible.

        Not everything boils down to your hatred of organized religion, no matter how hard you try.

  3. I have never liked the term ‘straight’ in this context. It was coined as the opposite to the pejorative ‘bent’ which was and is still used to refer to homosexuals, usually gentlemen. Thus, when I use the term ‘straight’ I give power to the term ‘bent’.

    I am homosexual. I identify as homosexual. I am not bent. Nor are heterosexual people straight. I do not even find it a useful shorthand.


    As a homosexual man I also fell in deep romantic love with a woman, a very feminine one, married her and raised a son. That did not diminish my baseline homosexuality, nor detract from it. With her I am that little but heterosexual enough to enjoy everything about my time with her. I desire her emotionally and sexually. There have been couple of other ladies in my life I have felt attracted to as well.

    But my head turns in the street for a beautiful boy, not a beautiful girl. I am aroused by the male form and touch, not, with particular exceptions, by the female form and touch.

    I am not bisexual. I am, instead, human, and, simply, sexual. I function more effectively for my own enjoyment with the male sex than with the female one.

    1. “I have never liked the term ‘straight’ in this context.”

      A lot of people have the same distaste for the “gay” term used for homosexuals — but both terms were ‘created’ and popularized around the same time by “underground” homosexuals that needed “code words” to avoid being arrested and abused by the police. After societies accepted both of those terms, it would have been (and has been) nearly culturally impossible to remove both terms from society (as witnessed with today’s jargon).

  4. Playboy Magazine either in the very late 60s or early 70s had an article (once one tires of the centerfold pull-outs — you could actually read an article that made sense) that showed that everyone is to some degree bisexual — it’s just a matter of where they “fall” on the measurement line — either more toward heterosexual or more toward homosexual. I tried looking up this article, but it’s obviously too old for the Internet databases of magazine articles. Too bad as that would be a very timely article to read today — not just because of this thread, but because of the norms and attitudes of the majority of people throughout the world today.

  5. Should be:
    “Researchers looked at the eyeballs of straight-identifying men to determine just how straight they actually were. ”

    And I’ll take that statement just a bit further:

    If there was serious research, and they inspected the eyeballs of adults (possibly ‘mostly’ parents) to determine just how “non-pedophiliac” they actually were/are. Just as they determine that “straight” men/women look acceptingly at their same genders, parents [mostly] and general adults would be seen to look at certain children in the very same way as they determined in studies such as this one.

    Notice how pretty much every adult will [and be expected to do] compliment (usually honestly) a parent’s child (and of course, their own) with a compliment of compliments: cute, provocative …. and a host of others.

    I’ll probably be attacked for this, but if you really think about the actual base of this, there’s not a lot of difference for acceptance/approval. I’m not saying that they desire or do actual sex with them, just the eye glances of acceptance and approval.

    Why else would we hire so many children as professional models for everything from clothes (particularly underclothes/swimming apparel), electronics, food, school supplies, etc.? Children [generally, most] are physically attractive and they are exploited just as much (if not more so) as adults.

    1. That’s your biased point of view.
      Children look cute to most adults, not hot or sexy.
      They remind them of their own youth, and the canons of beauty are more about such smooth skin than a wrinkled one, although it can also be a kind of beauty.

      A kid is a whole person with their own personality starting right from when they are babies, try to remember this and respect this person. Sex with an adult is not part of their personal development.

      1. “Sex with an adult is not part of their personal development.”

        I SPECIFICALLY SAID no sex with them. Methinks you need to learn to read better. And nothing I said was “disrespectful” of anyone.

        christ, talk about a fucking BIAS!

  6. Which doesn’t change a damn thing. There are still plenty of guys who are disgusted by the idea of having anything sexual to with another man and will react violently to the suggestion. So don’t be surprised if that “can’t be straight guy” beats the shit out of you.

    1. Get your CCW permit (if required in your state), and carry. Every day, everywhere. Never leave home without it. Odds are you’ll never need it, but at least, for sure, nobody beats the shit out you.

      1. Ah, yes, get a gun. Just like the Republicans say, arm the teachers in case there’s another shooting.

        Let’s see now, we have a teacher for either middle or high school concealed carry a .38 ‘special’ or even higher caliber.

        A shooter goes to that school — the one that has several (if not more) weaponized teachers “ready and waiting.” He shoots in a hallway. The students start emptying their classes looking for their safe place through the hallways. The teacher runs out of his class ready to be the “hero of the day” — to find that the shooter has an automatic AR-15+ [that’s with a bumper stock and high capacity magazine]. The teacher aims toward the shooter and fires off a few rounds. He doesn’t anticipate the shooter’s quicker reflexes and/or the number of students now in the hallway. Some of rounds hit several students — and we don’t know if those rounds come from the AR-15 or the teacher’s hand gun.

        Swat team has been called and start entering the school and see the students on the floor of the hallways. They’re ready to shoot with their automatic weapons. Now we have a 3-way crossfire with the students in the middle.

        What happened to that safe place now? The hallways are covered in blood from the students, possibly the teacher and only if lucky, the shooter as well. And that’s not to discount the possibility that one or more of the Swat team has also been injured — and where did those bullets come from that injured the police — the shooter or the “hero” teacher that may be as injured or even dead as some of the students.

        Yeah, right, more guns are definitely needed. /s

        1. “Yeah, right, more guns are definitely needed.”

          You got that right. Not just more guns, but many, many more guns. All in the hands of the ‘good guys.’

          1. While I do not think that more gun control will do anything to help the problem with school shootings, statements such as this do nothing to make me think the people making them are actually the “good guys”.

          2. I was thinking more in terms of don’t f*ck around with “straight” guys unless you’re sure of what you’re doing.

  7. I’ve been saying this for years. People seem to think of sexuality as a switch; up, down; on, off; gay, straight. I’ve always contended that it’s a sliding scale, with about 95% ‘gay’ on one end, and 95% ‘straight’ on the other. Nobody is 100% anything.

    1. They see it as a switch because most people are incapable of anything other then binary thinking… and the few that are able to see more then 1’s and 0’s have it trained out of them or are strongly encouraged to suppress it by most societies.

      This is what makes it so easy for corrupt politicians, extremest religions, hate groups, and all other manner of evil to thrive.

  8. I agree with Chimel, and the follow-ups long the same lines: there are a great many reasons why someone would show interest. Aren’t almost all humans interested in sex, including bodies, sexual display, sexual activities, etc.?

    Personally, I can’t really imagine being “purely” hetero- or homosexual. I respect people who tell me that they are; indeed I believe them. But I can’t imagine it.

    Still, I find that research of this type, even though it is designed to bust the myth of binary sexual attraction, somehow still fits into its assumptions in some odd way. What I’m saying is, this research seems to come out of certain cultural assumptions rather than being truly scientific. To be scientific the researchers would have to have a way of sorting out way more reasons for the subjects’ reactions than simply words like “straight” or otherwise.

    1. That’s a very good point. While the method is “science”, the interpretation seems firmly embedded in the “myths” it seems bent on trying to disprove.

      The historical and cross-species evidence more than proves that most adult males are not very interested sexually in other mature adult males, but most of them are well enough interested in adolescent males to do something about it under circumstances which allow it to occur.

  9. Is being a human a myth? Super new science stuff, from 2015, shows that what we thought to be humans are organisms containing a lot of bacteria. Thus humans do not exist.

  10. “Straight People Don’t Exist, New Research Says”.

    That’s the best headline I’ve ever read.

  11. so, if it’s between two points, in this case, “straight” or ”
    gay,” then, that’s … not binary? then what is it? that’s the very definition of binary. two points. fuzzy logic, sure, but totally binary. degrees don’t mean it’s not binary. there is no third option. liking the same or liking different? what’s the third option? liking no one is not liking at all. that’s not an option. that’s the absence of liking. what is the active third option? there isn’t one. i’m sorry. i really am. this applies to all so-called nonbinaries. two means it’s binary. really. even if they only approach one more than the other. that’s still two. binary. yup.

  12. oh, and sixle, your fucking hilarious. more gun control won’t help. right. more guns is good. and saying so is … bad? because it’s not sincere? that’s good you notice the insincerity–that shows you’re paying attention. that’s rare among your crew. you pay only but so much. you get that we are driven mad that you honestly think your gun fetish–5% of you people own 95% of the guns in the US, truly, you are amazing beasts, you really are–protects you when the numbers of your suicides and domestic murders and accidental shootings totally wipes your position right the fuck off the map. the truth is, buddy boy, all anyone really has to do is just … fucking wait. just that wait for you all to eat it. or feed it to your family. or get fed by your fambly, hoss. that’s your fucking future, baby. eat it. just fucking eat it. yeah–i’m one of the BAD GUYS, mother fucker. got that right.

    1. Magnus
      You seriously need to look into a mirror (of your mind). First, you totally misread sixle’s post.

      And what’s with all this “wait, baby” bullshit. Although you may be right: you very well could be one of the bad guys. Don’t be surprised if someone reports your posts.

  13. 1. Gun control is as much military as human. Go to war, as so many do, and find gun control. Bows and arrows, tomahawks, spears, swords, daggers, even simple rocks [ as in David and Goliath swivel lease style], and logs equal killing tools. Auto tires with gasoline filler on fire are in use in South African [anti-gay] liberating. Accidents ? Murder more than mere likely. Guns are there to kill. Guns replace the Samurai of Japan and the Kung Fu of China and the swords of Europe. Guns replace older moduli of killing. OH … heroin and methadone and cyanide.
    2. Read the writings of those makers of the USA and their writings of and about the USA Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Find anything more than a war.
    3. Sexual propensity is as real as being horny. The sexual measurements are as accurate as dead turtles. Penal and Anal and other bodily squeezes is of any thing, including sex. How else does ‘it’ get out … any of ‘it’. Extrusion if not an expel. Male and female, the juices, and stuff, gets out. Try to shit with no squeeze. Sneeze and squeeze. Crying eyes and sneezing is what makes Adolf Hitler limit his shaving (continuing forth the making the mustache, such an item starting from ten plus thousand years ago). Cry over your favorite music and squeeze the eyes for the water. The scientific community and its people are as real as water … everywhere. Some times drinkable safe. Please note heroin as cough syrup from Bayer. Please note methadone as slave labor medicine for the Nazi’s, and in use else wise in USA auto factories. Science.
    4. Sexual desire is what makes eight billion people possible. What does sexual desire mean on the side, so to spay ? Or, so to say. ha ha

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