Internet of Dongs

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With great pleasure comes great responsibility. A responsibility, which is not taken enough into consideration by the smart sex toy manufacturers as they should, while handling extremely sensitive data. As long as there is no serious breach, there is no problem, right?

This was the basis for a research project called “Internet of Dildos, a long way to a vibrant future”, dealing with the assessment of smart sex toys and identification of vulnerabilities in those products, including mobile apps, backends and the actual hardware. After the assessment of a selection of multiple smart sex toys an abyss of vulnerabilities was revealed.

The identified vulnerabilities range from technically interesting vulnerabilities to vulnerabilities which affect the privacy of the users in extreme and explicit ways. It was possible to gain access to thousands of users’ data records, including cleartext passwords, explicit images, real-world names, real-world addresses, and many more specific facts. Furthermore, the researchers were able to remotely pleasure individuals without their consent over the internet, or over a local link.



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  1. This is precisely why Klaus Nomi kept singing “Dong the Wicked” while Dorothy didn’t have a clue…

    I believe Klaus Nomi was the very first celebrity to die from AIDS, years before Rock Hudson and Freddy Mercury. And maybe one of the first to sing about climate change (and terminal nuclear war) too:
    “Big shots argue about what they’ve got
    Making the planet so hot,
    Hot as a holocaust.

    If someone calls, we’re all out,
    Turning into French fries.”

    This Total Eclipse song also demonstrates the wide range of his voice:

    Happy New Year to y’all and Josh, I hope the wind will carry you wherever you wish.
    (“The wind will carry us”)

  2. I admit I don’t understand why anyone would use sextoys connected to the internet or with data that goes to the internet. I also would suggest that anyone who posts pictures to the internet allows those pictures to be public. The beautiful man in the picture with the dildo seems to have a public picture otherwise why post a picture to someone?

  3. Truly the use of an “internet” linked dildo, or any sex toy, has to be one of the Supremely Stupid ideas! And sadly because it “allows” some stranger to interfere or injure someone else just for “fun”. And the same can be said for posting any personal photo to the internet. Just bad ideas!

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