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Ronan’s alive! Apparently he’s playing Aladdin (not sure how to feel about that) on some cruise ship’s musical? Oh well, he can still sing, that’s the important bit.

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    1. An audience person’s phone doesn’t [and will never] do him proper justice of his singing abilities.

    1. ~Have both his albums,(1 & 2) and found, (still!) him quite lovely. His video of “Tell Me Why” was excellent too…
      Happy someone else not only knows of him but also mentioned him here.

    2. “No one has yet played this song as beautiful as Declan Galbraith.”

      How about, you know, John Lennon, who wrote and sang the original?

      This version is OK, but I’d rather listen to John Lennon any day.

  1. If there’s no heaven and no hell, what a serial killer should be afraid of?! The environment described in the song is just partially acceptable.

    1. “If there’s no heaven and no hell,”

      Get the fuck over yourself. Only an idiot would actually believe in either.

  2. I didn’t realize he had basically lost his whole career. But considering all the music you’ve posted has been covers, and he stopped producing his own, its not surprising.

    1. To be exact he never produced new music; he has had contracts with diverse producers/managers. Results
      of those have at times been rather awful. I do not know what the problem has been, but in many occasions the songs and even style chosen did not really work for Ronan.

      I hope he gets a quality team and management behind him and makes a proper album. It is certainly not about his singing.

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