YouTuber Eugene Lee Yang of The Try Guys came out as gay

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Eugene Lee Yang who is part of the internet comedy team The Try Guys has posted a video online entitled, I’m Gay. Accompanying the video on YouTube is a fundraiser for the Trevor Project. At the time of writing, it had already raised over $50,000 for the charity that offers advice to queer kids.

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  1. I’ve watched about a dozen or so of their videos so I’m not at all surprised one would come out as gay. I suspect there is probably another one of them that might be gay as well (if not more). As a lot, they appeared a bit too “comfortable” (regardless of what image they tried to project in their videos) doing some of those antics “for the sake of comedy.”

    But, good for him. Given time, his “out” video may just encourage more of his comedic group to show their comfort-zones about their “gay” comedy routines.

  2. Great choreography! I swear I saw some of the “Monkey Dance” routine …. inside the “church.” And when he eyed his dance partner (in yellow), for some odd reason, I immediately thought of The Language of Love [Australian] about this cute Asian writing a “love letter” to his boyfriend-wanna-be in French class.

    Anyway, this was very well done — and quite elaborate as a “coming out” video. I enjoyed it immensely.

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