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  1. Oh!
    Cuddly BBC pish.
    This is a right wing government propaganda coporation and in matters of public information the BBC is corrupt in heart and action.

    FYI – Homophobic hate crimes across the UK have more than doubled over the past five years, shooting up from 10,003 in 2016-17 to 26,824 in 2021-22. In the past year alone, the figure soared by 32 per cent – the biggest yearly rise since record-keeping began.
    A survey in 2021 found that only one in eight victims of a homophobic or transphobic hate crime actually report the incident to the police. These crimes are not merely “someone said something to offend me on Twitter”, they include violent assaults and intimidation and abuse.

    There is a battle for the heart of the U.K. and it is foul.
    What starts in the USA arrives in the U.K. 5 years later. That is how it always works.
    Trump and his feckwits are not only an American abomination.

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