If you want it, put a Sock on it!

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Imagine you’re a lawmaker in the US state that is ranked #2 in number of teen pregnancies. You’re a Conservative who doesn’t quite like the idea of teens getting it on with each other before they’re married. So what do you do?

Easy! You just pretend sex doesn’t exist! Which, of course, means proper sex education at school is a big no-no and condoms can’t be mentioned because they’d just encourage those horny teens to fuck their brains out!

Luckily some people in said state aren’t complete nutbags stuck in the time of witch hunts and chastity belts. So if we can’t talk about condoms going over teenage dicks we’ll just talk about socks going over teen shoes. No matter if you’re into athletic or dress shoes… there we go: sox-ed.

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  1. This is a spoof, right? Not for real… but quite funny. The guy’s quite soxy too.

    1. This is the real deal, not kidding you. Welcome to America, land of the free!

  2. Noooooo… you gotta be kidding. I know America is a foolish place, I even lived there for 20 years before deciding enough is enough and returning to the UK… but that’s a spooooooof, for sure!!

  3. Several Stern Slackjaw parents think Sox educaytshun
    Sux, so they save their Sons Souls by making them Suffer.

    ….. or Some Serious Sh*t like that…. I think. :/

  4. Kids, in that exciting moment with your partner, just remember the important difference between buying socks and condoms – socks are sold in pairs, and condoms are in packets of one. So don’t get caught one sock short!

  5. I love it – he’s hilarious. Them ghetto gangstas be laughin’ dey asses off, but they’ll get the message. Good job.

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