#IAmGay Protest in China

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The Chinese microblogging website Sina Weibo appeared on Saturday to censor a series of online protests decrying the platform’s decision to remove “illegal” content related to homosexuality.

Outraged Weibo users rallied under the hashtag “I am gay” early on Saturday to protest the company’s announcement. By midday, it had reportedly gathered over 130 million views and generated some 153,000 comments. However, by the afternoon, Weibo appeared to have also banned the hashtag and deleted most of the related comments.

Weibo announced its latest censorship drive — or “clean-up campaign” — on Friday, saying it would be removing “illegal” content, including “manga and videos with pornographic implications, promoting violence or (related to) homosexuality.”

The new bans would “create a sunny and harmonious community environment,” the platform added. Weibo, China’s Twitter-like platform, boasts some 400 million active monthly users — roughly 25 percent more than Twitter itself.

Weibo’s announcement, however, provoked a flood of stunned and angry responses from Chinese users.

“You want to shut my mouth, but you can only delete my account,” one user posted using the “I am gay” hashtag. Another said: “As a member of this group, I am proud, I am glorious … I refuse to be discriminated and misunderstood.”

Weibo’s content ban is the latest attempt by the Chinese government to purge the internet of content it alleges deviates from the country’s “core values” or criticises the country’s established policies.

Although China decriminalised homosexuality back in 1997 and removed it from the state list of mental disorders in 2001, conservative attitudes remain widespread. A 2013 Pew study found that only around 20 percent of Chinese respondents said the believed homosexuality should be accepted by society.

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  1. “create a sunny and harmonious community environment”

    A “harmonious community environment” is inclusive of ALL members of a community.

    I think all of this Chinese homophobia recently is triggered by Xi’s declaration of being “president” for life. Which gets the admiration of none other than our ‘very own’ orange orangutan.

  2. China might be a view into the future, and it is horrifying. I saw a news report the other day about Chinese facial recognition. It is almost 100% complete with cameras everywhere recording everything you do and everyplace you go.

    1. It may have taken a bit longer then Orwell predicted, but 1984 is steadily becoming a reality across the world, not just in communist countries.

      In my city there’s a bill working through the system to subsidize home security cameras for home-owners willing to allow the police “to request footage for investigations”. It’s based off a similar program already active in DC.

      Somehow I doubt these “requests” are made by police knocking on the door rather then just tapping into the system remotely. Law enforcement across the country has already demonstrated they have no problem tracking cell phones whenever they feel like it, with or without a warrant, and the city didn’t even pay for all those phones. Why wouldn’t they access these cameras the same way?

  3. Well done, Milkboys. You beat the BBC World Service by 24 hours, or got the story lifted up to the mainstream media. Milkboys is more than just a cute butt and a sexy smile.

    1. horsey:
      “This is what happens when the individual is subordinated to the collective.”

      Hmmm. Just like when one [individual] has been brainwashed by the [collective] religious [and in your case, the NRA] — you know, just like YOU.

      See how your own correct logic is able to come back and bite yourself in your ass?

      1. Any one sub-ordinate to a collective … recall the movie original where the people are of pods and the collectors [or, converts] insist that the mass mind is the real mind. INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. This thinking is the common thinking from early human kind … you be as say and me beat you to get you to be so, so, do so say you me say so. Or, you die, or, get a making into a convert.
        — As Thomas Jefferson writes similarly, you get what you do not fight for. If what you fight for is absurd, then, if you win, then, that is that. TJ writes that he hopes that what any one fights for is better than for what even he believes.
        — As TJ puts it, there is no guarantee. Nor can there be. God gives us the world. For what more can you ask?

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